COVID-19 exposure at Dutch Settlement Elementary being investigated by Public Health

DUTCH SETTLEMENT: Families and guardians of students at Dutch Settlement Elementary School (DSES) were sent an email by the school principal on Nov. 15 of a COVID-19 exposure at the school.

The letter said Public Health is investigating the exposure, which is said to have occurred Nov. 9, 10, and/or Nov. 12.

“Public Health is now working to identify and notify students and staff who may have been exposed as a close contact,” said the emailed letter from Principal Terry Barro. “If you are not contacted by Public Health, you are not considered a close contact.”


The email continues saying, “Public Health is confident the school remains a safe place for students and staff, and our school will remain open.

“If needed, Public Health will recommend additional enhanced measures. We will notify families if this happens.”

The email asks parents and guardians continue to review the COVID-19 Daily Checklist each day to closely monitor your health and the health of those you care for.

“We understand you may feel anxious over the coming days. It is natural to want to know if your child may have been exposed to the virus,” Barro said in the emailed letter. “Public Health officials will inform those who are at risk of the next steps, but to protect the privacy of students and staff, other details including names, will not be released.”