Children in the after school care/summer day camp program operated by Lisa Patter walk across the crosswalk like that famous Abbey Road walk at Highway 2 in Grand Lake. The crosswalk will be getting some upgrades, including lights and signs from TIR. Patter has pushed for it during the past nine years, and got word Aug. 19 it would happen. (Healey photo)

GRAND LAKE: The crosswalk adjacent to the playground and park in Grand Lake is about to get some much needed upgrades aimed at making it safer.

In an email to resident Lisa Patter, and posted to the Grand Lake/Oakfield Community Facebook page, provincial Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) officials informed Patter that after a review by the District Traffic supervisor for central district, “significant improvements” including light/sign assemblies on each side of the crosswalk are warranted.

Patter said she’s thrilled something is being done at last. She operates an after school care/summer camp program in the community.

“I’m grateful for all of the support from MLA Bill Horne and the Minister of Transportation, and the Crosswalk Safety group,” said Patter. “If they kept the cars at 70 kilometres per hour that be great, but we all know the cars aren’t going that. It’s a busy road and there’s a lot of children in this residential community.

“I’m grateful for the lights, grateful for the flags going in, but let’s hope this is enough.”

Patter has worked on getting safety measures, such as crosswalk lights at the location, for approximately nine years.

“Estimates are currently being completed for this work,” said Guy Deveau, on behalf of Lloyd Hines, minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, in the email to Patter. “Upon confirmation of funding for this project, we can hopefully move forward with upgrades this fall.”

While the crosswalk issue is being rectified, the speed limit reduction from 70 kilometres/hour still will remain in place, as it was determined by TIR to be appropriate for that part of Highway 2.

Patter said she will stay in touch with TIR regarding the speed.

“We’ve had a lot of cooperation, let’s keep together on this as team work and see where we go from here,” she said.