Cuban, Spanish music fills Fall River air at SJUC fundraiser

Marcel Amores was having a great time with the intimate crowd at SJUC. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Supporters of the ham supper  at St John’s United Church got to dance off their meal with some Spanish and Cuban dance music.

Marcel Amores and Plan Ashe were the featured performers for the concert on March 25, following a lovely ham supper complete with gingerbread as desert put on by the volunteers with the church.

The ham supper was very well attended, and when The Laker News stopped by for some supper each chair at all the tables were full, so even we had to wait a couple minutes for one to open up.

Marcel Amores & Plan Ashé brings together diverse and vibrant musicians that put their heart and talent to create a fresh and new sound influenced by Cuban, Spanish and world contemporary music.

Cleanup was a team effort after the ham supper at SJUC. We were busy enjoying our meal so only snapped these pics of the cleanup.

These helped stack the chairs behind them then push the cart to storage. (Healey photo)
Team work made cleanup quick and easy after the ham supper. (Healey photo)


Following the meal, some of those who had a ham supper went over for the musical performance by Marcel Amores and Plan Ashe. There was approximately 45 people taking in the music.

The music had many people out of the pews dancing or clapping along to the music which was full of energy picking up the spirits of everyone despite the gloomy rainy weather outside.

Two dollars from every ticket sold for the concert was donated to Beacon House Food Bank in Lower Sackville.

The music continues on April 29 when Vlad and Inna will hit SJUC to have a performance. Details on ticket availability and pricing will be available in the coming days.


Here are a few photos from the concert:

(Healey photo)
Marcel Amores. (Healey photo)


(Healey photo)

The Spanish and Cuban music flavour had these audience members up dancing a few times. (Healey photo)
Marcel Amores and Plan Ashe performed after the ham supper at SJUC. (Healey photo)