Ayden Christensen does a feature victory lap. (Wingnut Productions photo)

SCOTIA SPEEDWORLD: It was almost a double trip to victory lane for Dawson Noble on Friday night during Hot Country 103.5 and Surge 105 night at Scotia Speedworld.

Noble took the wheel of an Outlaw Bandolero and drove his own Legend car during week two of the Bay Equipment Rentals Weekly Racing Series.

The Nine Mile River wheelman subbed in for Lakeview’s Hailey Bland, who was away at volleyball nationals in Alberta, in her no. 27 Dartmouth Metals bandolero and took the helm of his Noble Boys Racing no. 8 in the Strictly Hydraulics Legends division.

Noble was in a field of his own as he took the checkered flag in the bandolero heat race, then did the same going to Tire Man victory lane in the feature race.

Beaver Bank’s Bella Pashkoski finished on the podium in third place in the no. 85 bandolero.

Blue Nose Pools Outlaw Bandolero – 15 laps

1.  27 Dawson Noble

2. 19 Landon Pierce

3. 85 Bella Pashkoski

4. 13 Avery DeCoste

5. 5 Ethan Hicken

Heat 1: 27 Dawson Noble


A young Ayden Christensen fan watches Ayden in The Tire Man victory lane. (Submitted photo)

Meanwhile, in the legends division there was more than 20 machines take the green flag over three heat races.

In a battle for top spot, it was the 24 of Ayden Christensen of Windsor Junction coming away with the feature win and going to The Tire Man victory lane.

Noble was second.

Josh Langille, who is an honourary Enfield resident, came home in fifth place in the no. 18. After a long week of repairing the car, the fifth place likely felt like a win.

Langille, Christensen, and Brayden Wadden earned heat race victories.

Strictly Hydraulics Legends – 25 laps

1. 24 Ayden Christensen

2. 8 Dawson Noble

3. 66 Owen Mahar

4. 71M Chase MacKay

5. 18 Josh Langille

Heat 1:  18 Josh Langille

Heat 2: 14 Brayden Wadden

Heat 3: 24 Ayden Christensen


Tim Wright returned to the track he once raced for the first time in more than 20 years to take the checkered flag ahead of Ross Moore of Lake Egmont and last week’s feature winner Chris Drover.

Mitchell Hopkins of Beaver Bank was one of the heat race winners.

TOURSEC Mini Stock – 25 laps

1. 10 Tim Wright

2. 84 Ross Moore

3. 48 Chris Drover

4. 93 Pete Brown

5. 14 Darren Hodder

Heat 1:  93 Peter Brown

Heat 2: 10 Tim Wright

Heat 3: 68 Mitchell Hopkins

Tim Wright. (Tim’s Corner Motorsports photo)


Russell Smith Jr. bested Antigonish’s Jeff Breen in the no. 66 to grab the checkered flag in the Maritime Auto Glass Sportsman feature, a 40-lap race.

Oakfield’s Alex Johnson had one of the two heat race wins.

Maritime Auto Glass Sportsman – 40 laps

1.  44 Russell Smith Sr.

2. 66 Jeff Breen

3. 51 Dylan Dowe

4. 37 Brentley Pirri

5. 92 Deven Smith

Heat 1: 66 Jeff Breen

Heat 2: 14 Alex Johnson


In the Blue Nose Pools Beginner Bandolero feature, it was Antigonish’s Shelby Chisholm grabbing the victory.

Ryder Smith, who has ties to the Wellington area, came home in fourth in the no. 43 machine.

Addison Veinotte in the no. 11, who is racing on a team with Bland, grabbed third.

Unofficial feature results

Blue Nose Pools Beginner Bandolero – 10 laps

1. 12 Shelby Chisholm

2. 38 Jake Campbell

3. 11 Addison Veinotte

4.  43 Ryder Smith

5. 88 Ryan Chisholm.

Heat 1: 12 Shelby Chisholm

Tonight’s Victory Lane was presented by The Tire Man! Visit the Tire Man for the best price on tires in the Maritimes.

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This Friday night it’s Sportsman, Mini Stock, Legend, and Beginner Bandoleros on CKG Elevator Night at the Speedworld. Green flag at 7 p.m.