MAIN PHOTO: N.S. Chief medical officer of health Dr. Robert Strang. (Communications N.S. Photo)

HALIFAX: The Chief medical officer of health for the province understands the difficulty parents will face with the need for childcare as schools resume across N.S.

At a recent COVID-19 briefing, Dr. Robert Strang was asked what his message is to those parents who have to now scramble to find childcare with schools returning fully to in-person learning on June 3. The premise for the question was posted on a status reporter Pat Healey had posted on his Facebook wall.

“There’s some challenges in this,” he said in responding to the question from The Laker News. “But there’s also the opportunity of getting the kids back in school, which is the best learning environment for them.

“It’s not insignificant, it’s a whole month. It’s 1/10th of their year.”

Here is video from the May 31 COVID-19 briefing where Dr. Strang answered our question on childcare. It begins at the one minute mark. Video edited by: Dagley Media.

High school classes are set to end June 11, with exams to begin June 14. Elementary and Junior high school students will continue in-person learning until the end of June, when the school year finishes.

With in-person learning returning and as part of the reopening, the province has returned daycare capacity to 100 per cent, said Dr. Strang.

“We hope that will provide the supports when parents are looking for some childcare,” he said.