N.S. Chief medical officer of health Dr. Robert Strang. (Communications N.S. Photo)

FALL RIVER/EAST HANTS: Getting kids back in schools has taken priority over the resumption of youth sports at full capacity, said the chief medical officer of health.

The Laker News asked Dr. Robert Strang at the June 2 COVID-19 Briefing with schools resuming on June 3 with some classes upwards of 25-30 students per class with no social distancing, why then was youth sports not able to resume at full levels.

Dr. Strang said it all comes down to priorities.

“We’ve said from the beginning that one of our core priorities throughout our pandemic response was to have, wherever possible and safe, have children and youth in school,” he said.

Here is the video of our question to Dr. Strang on schools returning while youth sports can’t at full capacity. It begins from the start. Video edited by Dagley Media.

“To do that means we have to continue to have for a little while longer restrictions on other things which are more optionally, not as much as a priority,” he said.

He said the way public health is ensuring Nova Scotian schools are safe is by keeping the community safe.

“We have to make sure our communities have low levels of virus, and our communities are safe,” said Dr. Strang.

Dr. Strang said they are working on opening up for sports and arts/culture, but he asks for a bit of patience.

“We will be opening up opportunities in upcoming phases for youth sports and arts and culture,” he said.

“But the first priority is to have children and youth in school learning, and then we’ll address some of the other ones which are not as much a priority over time.”