EDITORIAL: Sign wars – a nice distraction from the gloom

It all started in East Hants with a sign at McNeill’s Shell that said “Who wants to go tow to tow. Big Dog Sign Wars.”

The last line refers to the Truro radio station, Big Dog 100.9, that was promoting a sign war amongst business in that town.

Well, it spread down into East Hants and so McNeill’s was the first to post it on their sign.

It was seen and the next to post on their scrolling sign was the Enfield Volunteer Fire Department, who contacted The Laker News to let us know. We quickly got on our shoes and walked up to the hall to snap some photos of it. Their sign gave all who saw it am good chuckle “Simmer down McNeill’s Shell, or we’ll get our hoses.”

Next was Elmsdale Animal Hospital. Then Strides Health & Fitness Club. Then Gilby Construction. It kept going faster then a wildfire on a hot summer day. Many businesses took part.

My Facebook feed was filled with posts from local small businesses who all posted their signs—or in some cases posts on their Facebook page, for those who don’t have a sign—mostly challenging another business.

The Laker News even got in on it, challenging the Milford Tim Hortons.

It seemed to catch on with many residents in the community and was a nice distraction from the gloomy news that ahs hist N.S. the last week or so with high COVID-19 case numbers.

I know I have really enjoyed seeing them. It not only provided a distraction, but likely a benefit to these small businesses in pour communities. There may have been some residents unaware that we had businesses like Cup of Soul; Timeless & Twist; Brannen’s; Groundmax; NAPA; Sangsters; and so on.

Kudos to you all for doing this. I look forward to seeing more signs as I drive between The Laker News office and Elmsdale/Milford. Keep it up!

Now let’s get out there and support out local businesses, who need it now more than ever due to COVID-19.

  • Pat Healey, The Laker News.