The ambulance fitted for Souls Harbour. (EHS photo)

LOWER SACKVILLE: In partnership, EHS and Tri-Star Industries Ltd. have donated a decommissioned EHS ambulance to Souls Harbour Rescue Mission.

It will be used to help people in need in communities around Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

The retired ambulance has been retrofitted to meet the needs of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, which will be outfitted with emergency and basic kit supplies, such as blankets, toques, mittens, scarves, socks, hygiene products, and food to be distributed across HRM.

The lifecycle of current EHS vehicles is approximately nine years, at which point the ambulances are typically returned to the manufacturer.


Based on EHS vehicle maintenance standards, vehicles can have a new lifecycle in a non-emergency commercial or industrial application.

“Having this decommissioned ambulance donated in the midst of winter is the perfect timing,” said Michelle Porter, CEO of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. “Souls Harbour Mobile Mission will be a warm and compassionate lifeline to those in need, ensuring that even in the coldest months hope and help are readily available on the streets we serve.”

“To be able to go out into the community means we can reach so many more of our neighbours in Halifax, Dartmouth, and Lower Sackville to provide emergency food supplies, warm winter gear, minor first aid treatment, referrals and fostering friendships.

“We’ve already nicknamed the ambulance the SoulsMobile, and with its wheels turning we’re set to continue our mission to provide food for the body and food for the soul.” 


(EHS Photo)

The donation is the result of a collaboration between EHS, the Department of Health & Wellness, Tri-Star Industries, Emergency Medical Care Inc. (EMCI), and Souls Harbour Rescue Mission.

“This partnership and donation was an opportunity to help Souls Harbour in its mission to help people in need, a mission that we all share,” said EMCI Chief Operating Officer Matthew Crossman.

“We recognize that the current climate is tough for many people, and we are pleased that this decommissioned ambulance will have a new life as a provider of much-needed supplies for those who are currently unhoused.”


While retired EHS vehicles are not generally available for donation, any requests are screened closely and must be approved by the government and the vendor to be used in a specific manner that is deemed appropriate.

Collaborating with Souls Harbour Rescue Mission fit that criteria.

“Souls Harbour’s work is crucial in today’s challenging housing environment,” said President and CEO of Tri-Star Blair Cottreau.

“Tri-Star is pleased to be a part of supporting Souls Harbour Rescue Mission with this mobile unit.”