Lantz Fire and Elmsdale fire have a friendly competition going on between the two. Here, Doug Hankinson with Lantz and Elmsdale Fire chief Kevin Goodman hold onto the coveted Noble Cup. It will go to the team that donates the most blood during the Plasma 2020 challenge. (Submitted photo)

LANTZ: Two local fire departments are in a friendly competition to see who can donate the most blood with the end goal being to raise awareness of donating plasma, whole blood, and platelets.

Elmsdale and Lantz Volunteer Fire Departments are currently competing against one another in the friendly challenge aptly title “Plasma 2020.” Whoever has donated the most at the end of the year being declared the “Noble Cup Champions.” Currently, as of June 24, Lantz was well out in front of Elmsdale at 16-6.

“Plasma can be extracted from a whole blood donation but donating plasma from source (that’s you and me) is a more effective means of collecting that donation,” said Lantz Firefighter Doug Hankinson. “Also, plasma is used for burn victims.

“Firefighters have a long history of supporting burn victims in various ways. Donating blood products, specifically plasma is just one more way in which we can offer our support.”

The departments get together on what they call health and wellness nights about four times a year where they play various games and rec activities.

The Plasma 2020 challenge was brought up and Elmsdale didn’t hesitate to take Lantz up on the challenge, said Elmsdale fire chief Kevin Goodman.

Hankinson said Elmsdale and Lantz have each registered as a ‘team’ with Canadian Blood Services (CBS).

“More than this individual participating members and members’ partners register as well,” he said. “For each time we donate that donation is logged with CBS. The 2020 Challenge is for each Department to donate a minimum of 20 units.”

The departments participation in this challenge is to add another level of how both support their communities, said Hankinson.

“For the most part we only hear from members of the community when there is a problem, a big problem,” he said. “Making these donations will help a variety of folks at a time when they may not specifically call upon the Fire Service for assistance.”

Hankinson hopes other fire departments may be interested in participating after hearing about this challenge.