EAST HANTS: The Emergency Management Office (EMO) is reminding Nova Scotians to take steps to help minimize risk of property and personal damage from a hurricane or tropical storm.

Current forecast models indicate Nova Scotia is expected to feel the effects from Hurricane Teddy early next week.

“Last year, we weathered Hurricane Dorian because we started preparing long before the storm arrived, and now it’s time to get ready again,” said Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Chuck Porter. “Being prepared is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our neighbours and everyone needs to do their part.”

Strong winds, heavy rains and storm and power surges can cause significant damage. All Nova Scotians are asked to prepare in advance and monitor local weather forecasts this weekend.

The basic checklist includes:
— enough food and water for 72 hours
— monitoring local media outlets for updates
— securing gates, doors and windows
— moving yard furniture and securing trash cans, hanging plants and anything that can be picked up by wind
— checking radio batteries
— filling vehicles with gas and parking them away from trees
— keeping pets inside
— moving any type of watercraft to high ground
— ensuring the safety of you and your family
— checking on neighbours
— if the power goes out, do not leave candles unattended

Nova Scotians should also remember that they need to continue to follow COVID-19 public health direction as they prepare. Stores often have longer lineups in advance of a storm, and physical distancing of two metres (six feet) and mask wearing are still required.

EMO is working with Environment Canada and partners on the approaching storm, gathering municipal information, identifying possible local risk areas and conducting information sessions with provincial and municipal emergency management officers and co-ordinators.

Additional Resources:
For information on how to prepare for a hurricane and regular updates visit https://novascotia.ca/alerts

Follow EMO on Facebook and on Twitter: @nsemo

Power outages should be reported to Nova Scotia Power at 1-877-428-6004.