ELMSDALE: A young gentleman from Elmsdale is receiving applause from women in the area for stepping outside what would be many others comfort zone to ensure local women have what they need.

Scott Ellis held a #EndPeriodPoverty fundraiser, which culminated in donations of essentials women use like pads, tampons, menstrual cups, panty lines, and more. They were dropped off to him on July 24 outside the East Hants Family Resource Centre in Elmsdale.

It was a campaign that had many people in the community giving Ellis rave reviews and high fives on local FB group East Hants Wants To Know.

In total, Ellis said he collected 19,000 items that women can use, along with cash donations during the fundraiser. The goal was 10,000 products. He is going to deliver the items to area food banks and the Resource Centre this week.

“It’s been incredible,” said Ellis. “The vehicle is almost full. It’s going amazing.”

Ellis became inspired to do this during his time as vice president of student services at NSCC, where he realized there was a problem. He sat down with Harbour House, a place for women and children, and they informed him about Period Poverty.

“I thought if there was a problem in the school then there’s a problem in the community,” said Ellis. “I implemented the project there and thought I could do the same here in East Hants.”

He was surprised at the amount of support from businesses in the Corridor especially given we’re going through the COVID19 pandemic. There was a lot of residents who also supported his project.

“You would think the businesses would be having a harder time, but no they’re still stepping up,” he said. “It says a lot about them that they did this for me.”

As we talked, there were a few people come by and drop items off to Ellis. He paused in the middle of answering questions to ensure the people dropping them knew he appreciated by saying thank you.

With Ellis being a male, some may find it odd what he is doing since it’s for women. He doesn’t. In fact, he thinks more men need to step up like he is, so did a woman who was next to stop by and thought it was great that a man was doing this.

“I think it was important for a guy to do this because there are so many issues that only women fight for,” said Ellis. “If men actually stopped saying we just support them but stood by them and united to solve these issues, most of them could be solved quickly.”

He said two years ago he had no idea so many women would go without these products.

“I think it’s important for men to have a good voice in this,” said Ellis. “Guys need to start stepping up for women and taking forth action to change some of these issues.”