Dr. Robert Strang said the Corriodr has been fortunate to not have seen community spread of COVID19. (Communications N.S. photo)

EAST HANTS: While the province’s Chief medical officer of health said there has been community spread of COVID-19 in the Halifax area (central zone), that hasn’t been the case in other outlying areas, like the Enfield to Milford region.

At the April 30 COVID-19 briefing, The Laker News asked Dr. Robert Strang why we’re not seeing community spread of the virus that has claimed the lives of thousands across Canada.

That total includes 67 in N.S. (as of May 1, 2021) and is now seeing the more dangerous variants take hold.

Video from the April 30 COVID-19 briefing. Question is at the start. Video edited by Dagley Media

He was also asked what we’re doing differently so this isn’t happening here.

Dr. Strang responded saying he doesn’t see those areas as doing anything differently to limit community spread.

“We’ve been extremely fortunate so far,” said Dr. Strang.

Areas such as Halifax are more prone for spread then those outside its limits, he said.

“We know throughout this whole pandemic where you start to see it take hold in a jurisdiction is in the larger urban areas, much greater density of people,” he said. “That is what drives the transmission. Everything we’re doing now is to stop it from spreading further out.”

Dr. Strang said Nova Scotians need to remain careful so an outbreak does not hit their community

“That’s why people in your coverage area and across the province need to be diligent about what each of us are doing keeping our own communities safe,” he said.