Dr. Strang “confident” restrictions will have right impact for NSians

Chief medical officer of health Dr. Robert Strang confidently told NSians he feels restrictions that have been implemented will have the right impact. (Communications N.S. photo)

FALL RIVER/MILFORD: Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health said there was discussions amongst his staff in determining a recommendation that would be the best course of action when it came to implementing ‘circuit-breaker’ type restrictions.

Last week, the province introduced new restrictions for Halifax and surrounding areas of Enfield; Elmsdale; Lantz; Mount Uniacke; and Milford.

A couple days later, the restrictions were expanded across the province and school’s province-wide were closed as the health officials worked feverishly to contain any wide-spread outbreak of COVID-19.

In answering a question from The Laker News at the April 27 COVID-19 briefing, Dr. Robert Strang said it was a rapidly evolving situation.

“You’ve seen all the announcements we’ve made,” Dr. Strang said. “Things have progressed very rapidly.

“We continue to have to think about what’s the next set of restrictions and when do we put them in place.”

He said there’s a lot of discussion that goes into that decision making.

“We don’t have the luxury of time, so there’s a lot of pressure,” said Dr. Strang. “We have to make some decisions and I believe we’re making the right decisions.”

VIDEO from the April 27 briefing. The question about the circuit breaker is at the 1:05 mark. Video edited by: Dagley Media


Premier Iain Rankin took time to thank Dr. Strang and his team for their efforts.

“I want to take the time tot hank the mighty team behind Dr. Strang who are pushing hard to get the right restrictions in place,” he said. “Over the last few days, we’ve been on the phone non-stop working through exactly where we need to go to stop this trend of increased cases.

“I want to thank those workers behind the scenes.”

Dr. Strang reassured Nova Scotians the restrictions are aimed at getting things settled down in the province.

“I’m confident that what we’re putting in place will have an impact, but it requires the cooperation of every single Nova Scotian to get the desired effect,” he said.