Feds announce support for outdoor amphitheatre project, community garden expansion at Findley Park

Heidi Brown, president of the Hants North Recreation & Development Association, is pleased to have the federal government invest in their amphitheatre project. (Healey photo)

Kings Hants MP Kody Blois announced $123,251 in support for the amphitheatre project. (healey photo)

NORTH NOEL ROAD: The cold Nova Scotia weather couldn’t stop the news that Kings-Hants MP Kody Blois was about to deliver from warming the small group in attendance at Findley Park in North Noel Road up.

Blois was at the Hants North Recreation & Development Association-operated facility to make an announcement on behalf of ACOA and Official Languages Minister Ginette Pettipas Taylor.

He announced the federal government would be investing $123, 251 towards the volunteer organizations plans to build an outdoor amphitheatre and expand their community garden at their facility which is home to many baseball games involving the local Hants North Jays teams.

At most announcements Blois said he has notes in front of him of what to say. On this chilly morning, he didn’t need them.

“Today wasn’t a day that I needed any notes because this one comes right from the heart, because this community and the way that the volunteers in this area band together to make good things happen is truly inspirational,” said Blois.

“I’ve had the chance to be here for some graduations when it was much warmer on that ball field.

“I think when you think about the word and the definition of community, Hants North and the communities that band together through the Hants North Recreation & Development Association, and the baseball association fit that description in every sense of the word.”


Kings Hants MP Kody Blois and members of the volunteer board that looks after Findley Park. (Healey photo)

He commended the volunteer group for building Findley Park into what it is today – a place for community that has something for everyone.

“There was one element that we could round out Findley Park with and that would be on the arts and entertainment, music,” he said. “I just want to say that I’m so pleased that to announce $123,252 for the new amphitheatre that’s going to help make the opportunity for music and art here on this side and, of course, to expand the community garden.”

Blois thanked all for their hard work and said he’s looking forward to attending events when the new amphitheatre, which will be similar to the one at Acadia Hall in Lower Sackville, is officially opened.

“I’m excited to see this work get underway in the spring,” he said.

Volunteer board members show off the plans. (Healey photo)

Heidi Brown, president of the Hants North Recreation & Development Association, thanked each level of government for the support. She said a project like this will benefit the full community.

“We’ve seen a lot of community groups that are not as active as they have been in the past because people are being torn in different directions with the pandemic,” said Brown. “We’re all pulled to different places in the province to help within the last two years.

“I’m so thankful we’re now able to include more people in our community.”

She said she’s proud of being able to create a project such as this which allows the area to have a safer, and inclusive environments.

“I’m really happy that we’re now going to be able to represent our arts and culture community and hopefully in some schools,” said Brown. “The opportunities are endless.”

Like most projects they do, there is also plans to expand parking so that multiple events can be ongoing at Findley Park at the same time.

John A. MacDonald, members of East Hants Council, volunteers with Hnats North Recreation, and MP Kody Blois. (Healey photo)

Hants East MLA John A. MacDonald and councillors from the Municipality of East Hants including Keith Rhyno, Wayne Green, and Warden Eleanor Roulston, were also on hand. Members of the Hants North Recreation & Development Association were there as well.