Firefighters rescue dog trapped under overturned vehicle

Firefighter Tyler Sigurdson keeps the little doggie warm in the back of Enfield Engine before family arrived to take her to the vet. (Submitted photo)

ENFIELD: The wagging tail on a little doggie is all that firefighters with Enfield fire needed to see to know how thankful it was for their help.

The dog was trapped under its owners vehicle that had rolled on Hwy 102 in the heavy rains on Friday morning Jan. 13. Fire crews from Enfield, Station 45 Fall River, and Station 47 Goffs, along with EHS and RCMP responded to the call of the mvc on the Airport hill.

Captain Luke Guthro, with Enfield Fire, was Incident Command on scene. He spoke about the call, and how the rescue of the little doggie went.


He said dispatch had originally said that fire was needed to a vehicle on its side. On arrival crews found a heavily damaged vehicle on all fours.

“It appeared all occupants were out but there was commotion on the passenger side,” said Guthro to The Laker News. “A witness to the accident came to our truck and reported the owners dog was pinned completely under the vehicle and was in about three to four inches of water.”

The firefighters knew they had to do something.

That’s when Firefighter Tyler Sigurdson and Guthro went down to the vehicle with their combi tool (spreader and cutter in one).

“We started working to free the dog while Station 45 who was in fend of was requested to bump up and start setting a tool pad,” said Guthro. “We were able to free the dog with Firefighter Sigurdson lifting the vehicle with the tool while I reached under and slid the dog free.”


The female driver reportedly has minor injuries, while the woman’s daughter took the dog to a nearby vet to be looked at. The woman was taken to hospital.

Guthro said the patient and dog were treated in the of Enfield engine to get them out of the elements.

He had some belongings of the dog he had to return to the family, so he went to the vet himself.

“I spoke with the family, and they believe the dog will be okay and will make a full recovery,” said Guthro.