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FALL RIVER: One of the parents whose daughter was a victim of a former Fall River man said she’s happy the judge in his trial found him guilty.

The mom, whose identity is protected due to a publication ban on the case to protect the children involved, spoke to The Laker News a couple days after the verdict was rendered.

In the case, Judge John Keith found 57-year-old John Huey Stanley Shaw guilty on two counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference.

Shaw had his trial in March, where he faced seven charges involving three children. He had been charged by police with three counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference; and one count of invitation to sexual touching.

He was found not guilty of the third sexual assault charge, but guilty of the included offence of assault. Shaw was acquitted on the other sexual interference charge and invitation charge.


The mom said the guilty verdict was important to them.

“It validates our concerns and confirms that the suspicious behaviour which we were aware of was actually just the beginning of the horrible actions happening at that daycare,” said the mom. “This is a happy outcome.”

She was pleased to hear the words guilty.

“We couldn’t have got to this point without the three girls and their parents being so brave and strong,” said the mom. “I’m happy with Justice Keith’s decision and now we can move forward with sentencing.

According to he mom the incidents took place March 2016 to April 2020 at the unlicensed, at-home daycare, which was on Lockview Road.

 It was operated by Shaw’s former partner Lori Balzan.

The children involved were aged six, eight, and 11 when Shaw abused them.

All three provided testimony during Shaw’s trial. Evidence was also called from four of the girls’ parents and Balzan. Shaw took the stand in his own defence.


The sentencing hearing is scheduled to be held in December, after a forensic sexual behaviour assessment is done on Shaw.

The mom was asked what advice she had for other parents that might suspect their child is going through something like this but unsure what to do.

“Trust your gut, talk to Your kids, listen to them and if something seems not right, listen to your instincts,” said the mom. “I was reminded that it’s not up to me to decide if the actions were criminal and wrong, but it’s up to me to report the comments and behaviours that were raising red flags.”

The Crown Attorney in the case, Cory Roberts told The Chronicle Herald, he will seek a federal prison sentence for Shaw.

Shaw has been out on bail since December 2020.