From the Cruiser – Nov. 30 to Dec. 7

From the Cruiser provides police briefs for the week. (Healey photo)

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ENFIELD: East Hants RCMP responded to 82 calls for service between Nov. 30 and Dec. 7.

Here are a couple of the highlighted calls as provided by East Hants RCMP S/Sgt. Cory Bushell.

On December 1, East Hants RCMP received a call from a local resident who reported an attempted phone scam.

The caller stated they received a call from “Mike WALTON” in Toronto instructing them to go to their bank to withdraw $5000 and send it to him.

S/Sgt. Bushell said the caller was wise, provided no information and did not comply with the request.

Residents are reminded that scams are on the rise and savvy criminals will use a variety of tricks to convince you to turn over your hard-earned money. 

If in doubt, hang up and call police for advice.

RCMP were called to investigate an incident in the parking lot of an Elmsdale grocery store on Dec. 6.

Police learned a shopper was walking towards the crosswalk in front of the store with a grocery cart when a truck stopped to allow the shopper to pass.

A motorist in a second vehicle was driving adjacent the store, saw the truck stopped and believed the truck was stopped in order to allow them to pull out and pass. 

As the driver of the second vehicle pulled out to make the pass, the shopper emerged from behind the stopped truck. The second vehicle struck the grocery cart, but luckily, the shopper was not injured. 

S/Sgt. Bushell said the investigation revealed the incident was unintentional, however the driver was issued a written warning for failing to yield to a person in crosswalk.

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