An RCMP cruiser at headquarters in Dartmouth. (Healey photo)

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MILFORD: East Hants RCMP responded to 103 calls for service between Oct. 6-13.

Here is a look at a few of those 103 calls during the past seven days:

On Oct. 6, police received a report of threats made over social media. A local student was receiving threatening messages from other local youth. Police spoke to all parties involved and were able to resolve the issue informally. 

“Police want to remind the public that harassment and or threats through social media carry the same criminal consequences as similar behaviour in person,” said S/Sgt. Cory Bushell. “Parents are reminded to monitor their children’s activity online and speak to them about proper on-line etiquette.”

Police responded to a report of firearms being discharged and disturbing some horses on Oct. 6 in Maple Grove. A patrol was made but no firearm users were located.

Discharge of firearms can be disturbing to people and animals (domestic and livestock).  Prior to hunting and or target shooting, be aware of your surroundings and who may be disturbed. 

Follow provincial rules, and always seek the permission of landowners if not on your own property.

On Oct. 7, RCMP received an early morning call to assist in the location of an elderly person suffering from dementia who had wandered from home.  Members assisted family in the search and were able to locate the missing person shortly thereafter. 

The person had become disoriented and was stuck in mud when located.  The person was taken to hospital for assessment.

RCMP were called to investigate an incident where a man was spotted stealing on Oct. 7. The man, a local hunter, told police a male was seen on camera stealing deer apples and generally disturbing the hunter’s bait site. 

The matter was turned over to the Department of Natural Resources for further investigation.

On Oct. 9, police were called to an address in Elmsdale where a lone male was observed peering into parked vehicles at 6 a.m.  Despite an immediate patrol by members, no suspect was located.

Residents are reminded to always remove valuables and lock their vehicles when unattended.

Police responded to a motorcycle collision in Milford on Oct. 9. The driver stated high winds blew his bike across both lanes and into loose gravel before the upset.  He was unharmed, but the bike sustained minor damage and was towed.

A youth was issued a warning and was to get a stern talking to by his mom after being caught littering on Oct. 10 in Milford. RCMP say they responded to a complaint of littering from a vehicle in the Milford area. 

The caller provided a plate number to police. The owner was contacted and verified her son was the driver but that she would take matters into her own hands with the boy. 

A warning was issued as a result and the complainant was satisfied. 

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