GPV student among winners in Ghost Story writing contest

Kayleigh Monette from GP Vanier was one of three winners in a ghost story writing contest put on by Halifax Regional Libraries. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER:  Kayleigh Monette doesn’t like scary stuff, like ghost stories. However, that didn’t stop the Wellington girl from entering a recent contest held by Halifax Regional Public Libraries.

Monette enjoys writing, and just thought participating in the contest was something she should do.

“I thought it would be nice to try something new,” said Monette. “I thought it was actually pretty fun.”

The Georges P. Vanier Junior High student summarized what she wrote about. (Note: it scared this reporter, just hearing what it was).

“I wrote about a monster that lives in mirrors, and it was kind of a story behind the seven years of bad luck if they break,” she said with a proud smile. “It was like if you break a mirror the creature escapes and is about three girls. They were moving and they broke the mirror, and the monster came out.”

The library has held the Ghost Story Writing contest for more than 30 years in partnership with the Helen Creighton Folklore Society.

She said she was thrilled to learn she was one of three winners in her age group of 10-12-year-olds.

“I was so happy,” she said. “I never expected that I’d win. I mean, I love writing and it’s something I’ve always done for fun.

“I think when I won it gave me more confidence in my writing.”

Her friends were proud of her accomplishment.

“They were very happy for me,” she said.

Monette said she wants to become an author when she’s an “adult.”

She found out about the contest from her mom, who told her sister. She took part so of course Kayleigh said she had to.

“I thought well, I would do it as well,” said Monette.

When asked if this means she has bragging rights in the home.

“Definitely,” said Monette as she smiled and giggled a tad bit.

Another winner in the same 10-12-year-old category was Penelope Lawy of Fall River. The Laker News was unaware of her winning until we did a tweet on Nov. 16.