Halifax-area singer living a dream with release of debut single

    Sylvie Aulenback performing in a recent concert. (Submitted photo from Sylvie Aulenback).

    WINDSOR JUNCTION: Sylvie Aulenback wants to know “What’s Enough.”

    The teenager, who lives just outside of Halifax, released her debut single and video by that name last week. She takes lessons at Joyful Sound Music Studio and has been helped along with her music by Izra Fitch, her teacher.

    “It’s a dream,” she said of having the single produced and released.

    Sylvie talked a bit about her motivation for writing songs, like “What’s Enough.”

    “When I was younger, about six or seven-years-old, I had a friend who wrote songs and I was very interested in it,” said Aulenback, speaking of a friend when her family lived in Bridgewater.


    The song title came simply from the first chorus of the song, so she decided with that being the theme that should be the single’s title.

    She said being involved in the songwriters group at Joyful Sounds motivated her more to write songs.

    “A lot of the time I’m just an emotional girl so writing songs definitely helps,” said the Grade 9 student. “It helps get the emotions out.

    “It’s also like a little diary, so writing “What’s Enough” helped me through figure out my emotions.”

    “What’s Enough” was on CBC Radio before it had even been released.

    That left Sylvie amazed.

    “It was so surreal to me,” she said.



    She opened at the debut album release by friend Sarah Bradford at The Carleton in Halifax.

    Last month, Sylvie opened for Madeline Salter, who currently calls Windsor Junction home, during a performance she put on also at The Carleton.

    Sylvie said she’s been lucky to have all of the support she has from Ms. Fitch

    She thanked her producer, photographer, and her filmmaker as well for their support and guidance.

    “I’m so grateful,” she said. “I can’t believe I’m releasing a single.”


    She was asked what it means to her to have “What’s Enough” finally out and available, on all platforms.

    “I really wanted to release my music to make people feel less alone,” said Sylvie. “A lot of songs are about relationships and heartbreak, and I’ve not experienced that yet because I’m young.

    “I wanted to write a song that people could relate to that wasn’t about relationships or heartbreak and feel a little less alone.”

    Sylvie is currently writing more songs but wouldn’t divulge to much on what’s next in store.

    “I don’t want to spoil to much, but I’m writing more songs,” she said with a coy smile.