VIDEO/PHOTOS: Lights, Camera, Action! Mean Girls Jr. set for Bicentennial Theatre May 16-18

The cast rehearses a scene in Mean Girls Jr. (Dagley Media Photo)

MIDDLE MUSQUODOBOIT: Tia Abdel Massih said it best.

While she wanted a role that was smaller in this year’s musical, getting the role of Cady Heron.

“I definitely wanted a smaller part, because I am a senior in high school and I have a lot of courses,” said Massih. “Now that I am Cady and we’ve been rehearsing for so long and the show is next week, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else right now.”

Abdel Massih is one of the 50 students from schools within the Musquodoboit Valley Family of Schools who will be participating in the performance of Mean Girls Jr. next week.


The musical is set for May 16-18 at the Musquodoboit Valley Bicentennial Theatre in Middle Musquodoboit.

Its scheduled for 7 p.m. start times each night.

Tickets are $15 per person.

Tickets can be purchased online at:

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Video by Dagley Media


James Streatch is another of the main characters in the musical. He plays Damian Hubbard.

“I love theatre. It is my passion,” he said. “It is what I live and breathe for. I love doing this so much.”

Matinee shows will be done May 13-16.


Students from Dutch Settlement Elementary; Upper Musquodoboit Consolidated; Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre; and Musquodoboit Valley Rural High along with theatre volunteers are putting on the musical – both on stage and off stage.

Katie Probert, who teaches at all the schools, is the director.

(Dagley Media photo)


A matinee of the show is also being done May 13-16 by the performers.

To get select matinee tickets you can do so the following way:

Please call 902-384-2819 or email to book.

The cast does a rehearsal of a part in the musical. (Dagley Media photo)
Tia is interviewed by Pat on stage before rehearsal. (Dagley Media photo)
(Dagley Media photo)


James Streatch is interviewed about his role. (Dagley Media photo)
Pat joins the cast in part of a rehearsal to see if he gets an extra part in the musical. (Dagley Media photo)