The small group was ready for the Brain Tumour walk on June 19.

SHUBENACADIE: An Elmsdale-area woman and a small group of friends have made the first step towards bringing awareness to those with brain tumours.

Joanne Garnett is battling multiple brain tumours. Her friend Amanda Legge has a saying she uses to describe why she’s so supportive – “her fight is my fight.”

On June 19 she held the inaugural Brain Tumour Walk with a small group of friends at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park in Shubenacadie. It’s a place she is familiar with, visiting it and walking there on an almost weekly basis.

The Brain Tumour Walk Weekend is an opportunity to come together across Canada to celebrate and remember. Participants walk with a united goal – to see an end to brain tumours. No matter where you walk (or how you take your steps) you will be making a difference, and this will surely be a weekend you’ll be saving lives, says the Brain Tumour Walk website,


It is the largest volunteer-led, peer-to-peer fundraising event, to raise money to fund brain tumour research, compassionate support services, trusted information, and advocacy to help brain tumour patients and survivors live longer, better, and with hope.  

While only a small group was able to make the Sunday morning fundraising walk, Garnett’s large support system is very evident—she raised more than $900.

“I am very thankful for the support I have received and my crew,” she said. “I have a goal to double my amount raised next year. When I set a goal, I meet it or beat it.”

Pat Healey took a selfie of the group for twitter before he had to leave.


Those families who were coming into the Wildlife Park on Sunday morning were checking out the Brain Tumour walk signage and balloons adorned to Garnett’s orange Challenger stationed by the entrance.

She wanted to thank all those who donated.

“A very special thank you to the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park for hosting and hanging the finish line banner,” said Garnett.

After the walk, the participants sat for a photo at the finish line.