Hike N.S. invites MLAs to take #LoveOurTrailsNS Challenge

NOVA SCOTIA: Hike NS is inviting MLAs across Nova Scotia to help show some love for hiking trails.

As part of the group’s annual #LoveOurTrailsNS challenge, it is asking MLAs in particular, but also all Nova Scotians, to get out on a local trail this February, snap a photo and share it on social media with the #LoveOurTrailsNS hashtag.

“With Valentine’s day as its big event, February is an ideal month for hiking and showing your love for trails,” says Janet Barlow, Hike NS Executive Director.

“Hiking, walking and snowshoeing are good for your heart. And with the fresh layer of snow across the province, snowshoeing just might be the activity of choice.”


Hike NS is hoping this fun challenge will highlight the importance of trails to Nova Scotians and also nudge government to better support trails and hiking.

Trails are a place where we go for physical activity, to relieve stress, to support our mental health and to commune with nature.

Walking is the top physical activity for Nova Scotians and hiking is one of the top three outdoor tourist activities. There are many more hikers, walkers and snowshoers on the trails than all other types of trail users combined.


Hike NS says MLAs can act within government to increase funding for community volunteer trail groups, increase funding for trails in provincial parks and protected areas, protect more wilderness areas and become familiar with, and support, the provincial Trail Strategy.

The group is asking each Nova Scotian who loves trails to personally invite their own MLA to take the #LoveOurTrailsNS challenge.

Learn more at https://www.hikenovascotia.ca/news-love-our-trails/