HRM issues statement on de-designation locations

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HALIFAX: Over the past several weeks, the municipality has been taking a number of steps to provide supports to those experiencing homelessness in our region, and particularly to those sleeping rough in de-designated locations.

Since February 7, of the approximately 55 people in these locations, three people remain.

Victoria Park

This morning, the municipality took steps to continue moving this process forward. As of Friday, March 1, there were six people sleeping rough in Victoria Park. As was previously communicated, efforts related to relocating individuals from the de-designated locations are civilian led.

Municipal compliance staff communicated with those people remaining in Victoria Park today. They were advised that they can no longer remain in this de-designated location and to pack their belongings for transportation or storage and to vacate the de-designated location.

The province of Nova Scotia has assured the municipality that there are indoor options available for these individuals.


The health and safety conditions in Victoria Park have steadily declined over the past few months, placing those sheltering in this location in an increasingly vulnerable situation.

As of 4:30 p.m., five people have moved out and one person remains in Victoria Park. Municipal staff are continuing to work with the province and their service providers to provide this person with resources and supports for them to accept an indoor option. Municipal staff will also be on-site tomorrow to assist some people in retrieving their belongings.

This area has been fenced to enable staff and contractors to clean up the site. This park will remain closed while municipal staff fully assess the site to determine efforts required to bring it back to its intended purpose. Paths through Victoria Park continue to be open to the public.

Municipal staff, contracted security and Halifax Regional Police will remain in the area overnight to ensure public safety and security of the site.

Grand Parade

Over the past weekend, several people who had been sheltering at Grand Parade accepted indoor shelter options from the Province of Nova Scotia and their service providers. At this time, two people remain in this location.

Municipal housing and homelessness staff will continue to work with these people to offer resources and supports.


Correctional Centre Park

Correctional Centre Park in Lower Sackville is now vacant. Municipal staff will ensure that the site is cleaned up, and the land is cleared of any remaining municipal property, such as the dugouts, and will coordinate with the province and its contractor so that work can begin on the province’s previously announced tiny home community project. 

Indoor Shelter Spaces Available

The municipality is aware that not all people who are currently sleeping rough will be able to go to a shelter for a variety of reasons. The province has provided assurances that those sheltering in the de-designated locations, who cannot move into indoor shelter spaces, will be offered an appropriate transitional housing option.

For those who do not or cannot accept an indoor option, Street Navigators and municipal housing and homelessness staff are advising individuals to consider moving to the designated location at the Barrington Street green space. This location has power service available.

Updates will continue to be provided as de-designated locations are vacated.