Hwy 102 overpass projects in Enfield, Elmsdale progressing

ELMSDALE: The COVID19 shutdown of some businesses in the province has had little to no impact on two highway construction projects in the Enfield/Elmsdale area.

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal spokeswoman Deborah Bayer said that work continues on the projects on Hwy 102 near the Enfield Big Stop and just after Exit 7 heading towards Elmsdale.

The work is seeing crews build a detour structure by the outbound lane so they can work on the bridge located there, on the Enfield, HRM side.

“The work on the detour structure is almost complete and we anticipate the detour structure opening in early June.,” said Bayer. “Both the northbound and southbound structures require replacement before work on the contract is complete.”

She said the timeline remains the same.

“COVID19 has had little to no effect to the timeline of this structure,” she said.

Up the road and just past Exit 7, more work is ongoing on the overpass on Hwy 102 that is over the train tracks in Enfield and within eyesight of the Enfield Legion.

“The detour bridge on Highway 102 is progressing and should be complete within the next few months,” said Bayer.

She indicated there is a COVID19 safeguard plan in place at this project.

“The crews are practicing social distancing and are required to follow their company’s safety plan for Covid19 that identifies any hazards and controls related to the work,” she said.