Hyde’s Bridge expected to open this week, other East Hants road updates from MLA MacDonald

Hants East MLA John A. MacDonald. (Healey photo)

LANTZ/ENFIELD: Hyde’s Bridge in Lantz could be open early this week.

That’s one of the road updates provided to the East Hants community by Hants East MLA John A. MacDonald.

The update was posted on Jan. 12 on MacDonald’s MLA Facebook page.

It was shared to several East Hants community pages on the META-owned Facebook.


Regarding Hyde’s Bridge, MacDonald said that crews worked hard this past week with some minor things left to complete.

“It could open as early as Jan. 15 afternoon, but will be open next week for sure,” he said.

On updates on Horne Settlement Road he said the Wetland specialist has started their work.

“It could take six more weeks to get everything ready for tender,” he said.

MacDonald said the worse case is March 1 tender, two weeks for it to be open and then awarded.


As for the Ashdale Road/Bridge, it is part of the 2024/2025 section of the province’s five-year plan.

“Design work has started with tender expected to be March,” said MacDonald.

“I will have an estimated time from the Department of Public Works after design is done.

He said work is expected to get done this year.


On Old Selma Road (the Old Selma Road, off the 215), MacDonald said they had just ehard about it.

He said his office in Enfield was just advised of this road on Thursday Jan 1. They have reached out the Public Works regarding it.

There is no estimated time for work to be done on it just yet, MacDonald said.