Fall River's Emma Archibald made her World Cup para nordic debut. (Submitted photo)

MARTELL, ITALY: A Fall River cross-country skiier has had an impressive debut on the World Cup circuit.

Emma Archibald competed with Nordiq Canada’s world cup para nordic team at events in Toblach, Italy, and Martell, Italy over the past week.

Archibald, who led the N.S. cross-country entry at the 2023 Canada Games, left a good first impression on the Canadian team, one that many of her friends and supporters knew she was capable of doing.

“I had some of my best races in Toblach at the first World Cup and then in Martell at our second World Cup during this three-week block in Italy,” said the University of Ottawa Nordiq skiier.

“I went into these competitions without expectations and with the mindset to learn and take it all in.”


The Lockview High alum placed (unofficially) sixth in the 10k pursuit classic; fifth in the 10K mass Classic; she qualified fourth in the skate sprint qualifier, where she finished seventh overall.

She finished competition in Toblach in 11th place in the 10k skate.

In Martell, she unofficially finished fifth overall in the Classic sprint, making it to the finals.

Emma Archibald and some of her Nordiq Canada teammates. 9Submitted photo)

Archibald said her World Cup debut has fuelled her love for racing even more than before.

“I experienced first hand how experience provides the opportunity to develop potential,” she said.

“With athletes from many different countries, it made the competition tough and allowed me to test my limits as an athlete.”


She said she was able to ski alongside highly accomplished athletes with the same classification as herself.

“Being able to watch, follow, and learn from their techniques and strategies is something that I can carry with me throughout the rest of the season into the next races,” said Archibald.

“I was proud to be apart of team Canada with the amazing wax tech, coaches, and support.

Archibald said her teammates continue to inspire her as she now races alongside them and being even more impressed by their accomplishments.

“One of my favourite thing about this trip was getting the chance to watch my teammates race,” she said.