Lantz woman selected the winner in Canada-wide contest

ELMSDALE: A Lantz woman is a winner of a national contest put on by Hearing Life.

Marian Manning was the chosen winner announced recently of a brand-new high-end set of hearing aids through the country wide contest.

Hearing Life put out the call for nominations across Canada. And Manning was nominated by Hearing Life staff, and won.

Manning picked up her new hearing aids at a Hearing Life clinic recently.


A release from Hearing Life said the contest was super timely with the holidays coming up since it’s the first time most of us will be gathering in large crowds since COVID.

Large crowds and background noise can be especially challenging for those suffering from hearing loss.

Those with hearing loss often misunderstand what people say which leads to embarrassment , frustration and retreating into their own worlds – which causes isolation, the release continued.


Manning said she had been wearing hearing aids before and they had been adjusted as much as they possibly could be.

“When I had my hearing checked, I believe it was back early summer, they gave me the quote for new hearing aids.

“I told them that at the present time, it wouldn’t be impossible to afford them, but we’d look at getting them a little later on,” said Manning.


A couple of months later, she received a call from Hearing Life, and they asked her if she would be ok if they nominated her for the contest. She had just wanted to wait a little longer before purchasing new ones.

“When I asked what it was for, they told me because I had helped people get hearing aides and brought them to the appointments when they asked me to,” she said. “I didn’t think I deserved it, they told me I did.

“I was floored when they told me I won and what the prize was.”