Pictured are: Greenfield firefighter Jason Roy giving Kennetcook fire Chief Steve White the loonie. (Submitted photo)

KENNETCOOK: What does a rural East Hants fire department and one in Greenfield, Queens County have in common? Not much one would say, until you hear how one is helping the other.

Kennetcook Fire deputy chief Glendon Rhyno explained that the department found a new-to-them pumper truck from Winnipeg, Mb., that would be more feasible for them and the community, so they bought it.

That meant they had to get rid of one of their units, and it was their tanker truck. It just so happened Greenfield, located about 164 kilometres from Kennetcook, was on the look for a new truck to do them over for the next two years.

“At our recent meeting we decided that the old Tanker we had bought from Maitland Fire would be the odd one out, so following what Maitland did for us we decided to look for another department in need to help them,” said Rhyno.

He posted an add on the N.S. Fire Equipment swap sell or trade Facebook page, and within minutes he had many messages.

“It was really an eye opener how many departments are in need of a truck desperately,” he said.

Rhyno went through the messages he had—about 10 departments had shown interest. It was the message from Greenfield Fire, located in rural Lunenburg County, that struck him.

“They explained they didn’t have a tanker at the moment because the motor went in theirs,” said Rhyno.

The department decided they would sell it to Greenfield for a loonie—just like what it cost them to get it from Maitland.

Rhyno said Kennetcook members were pleased to help out another department.

“For us to do that for a department in need is incredible,” he said. “You know we are potentially saving a life or a property in that departments coverage area.”

Jason Roy, with the Greenfield Fire in Queens County, said they have been on the look for a new truck since last spring.

“We have been looking since last year and then this truck came up,” said Roy in a message.

He said the new truck will get lots of use at his department.

“It will serve us well until we can order new truck,” he said. “It will be used for all calls woods/grass fires and structure fires. This truck will serve our community well.”

Rhyno said Kennetcook’s new truck is a 2001 Freightliner chassis built by Fort Garry. It’s got a 1050 pump.

“It will give us the ability to carry more manpower and more storage,” said Rhyno.

He said it’s expected to go into service within a month as members poke around getting it ready for service.