McIntyre happy, excited after being named Ingenious+ regional winner

    Madeline McIntyre (middle) presented with her award as a regional winner. (Submitted photo)

    WINDSOR JUNCTION: A Lockview High school student has been named one of the regional winners in the Rideau Hall Foundation’s Ingenious+ innovation competition.

    Madeline McIntyre was recently presented with her regional award by N.S. Lieutenant Governor Arthur J. LeBlanc at a ceremony at Province House in Halifax.

    She was among a group of award winners, all of whom are being called Canadian changemakers.

    The project she is doing is focused on environmental issues used mycelium to extract contaminants from the soil.

    “I found out I won about four days before the ceremony,” McIntyre said. “It felt amazing to know I won.”


    McIntyre said her dad called her from work to let her know.

    “I was super happy and excited,” she recalled of her reaction to finding out. “I was like “oh my gosh I did win the regional awards.”

    “It means a lot to me.”

    N.S. Lt. Governor Arthur J. LeBlanc and Madeline McIntyre. (Submitted photo)

    She said it shows she can use mushrooms to do something for the environment. McIntyre is getting mentorship help and money to work on the project.

    “That will help me make the project a reality so I will be able to filter soil,” she said.

    What’s the next step?

    “I’m going to be experimenting with different types of mushrooms and hopefully be able to find some contaminated soil to experiment with,” said McIntyre.

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