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Here is your District 11 Rawdon/Gore candidate profiles:

Andrew Cluett.

Name: Andrew Cluett

Community: Gore

District: District 11 – Rawdon/Gore


I am originally from Upper Rawdon growing up in the McGrath Lake subdivision, I attended Rawdon District School and Hants North Rural High School, graduating in 2001. I have completed programs at Nova Scotia Community College and Nova Scotia Firefighters School.

I was employed as an auto service technician until being hired as a career firefighter in 2017. I currently volunteer at the East Gore Community Hall and with the Rawdon District Volunteer Fire Department – we have probably met at a fundraiser at either of those places.

I now live in Gore with my wife Nicole, who is from Stanley.

Why am I running for Council?

I have always been interested in municipal politics and running for Council has been a personal goal of mine, and now I feel it is time to take that chance. I love my community where I grew up, it was an easy decision for me to settle down here. I am very excited to take this opportunity to represent our great communities and bring in new ideas to the table.

I want to be a part helping Rawdon, Gore, Clarksville, Greenfield, Riverside Corner and Stanley grow into a successful and progressive future, while remembering how we got this far. I am not opposed to my opposition in this election and hold in high regard anyone that dedicates themself to serving their community; that said I am very ambitious to see what I would be able to accomplish as our councillor. 

Ideas/Plans to help build East Hants:

I want to see the residents in District 11 have access to more of the same amenities as residents across East Hants. Where that is not possible, I want to see those things to be more feasible for us with incentive programs. We need municipal run green spaces, especially where there are young families growing up.

We need actual, reliable high-speed internet to all our residents so families can easily communicate for work and school; also, so our small businesses can keep pace in today’s world and continue to grow, and encourage new ones to start. I want to ensure our emergency services are what they should be and District 11 has the same level of service from police and fire protection as anywhere else in East Hants.

I want to work with Provincial agencies to ensure that our environment and waterways are being protected and cared for us all to enjoy well into the future.

While out campaigning for this election it has been great hearing the thoughts, concerns, and ideas from our many residents and I look forward to the opportunity to work on those issues.

Please feel free to reach out to me at 902-329-1765 or for any questions for me about my campaign.

On October 17th please consider voting for me, Andrew Cluett for Council District 11 Rawdon/Gore.

Eleanor Roulston.

Name: Eleanor Roulston

Community:  Upper Rawdon

District: District 11 – Rawdon/Gore


I live in Upper Rawdon with my husband of 43 years, Walter – we share our home with Casey, our 10 year old dog, and Harley, our 4 year old cat. I work as an office manager for Munroe Atlantic Brokerage in Truro on a part time basis. Our son and daughter in law – Lee and Emily live near by along with our beautiful grand daughter Lilly.

By the time this is published we will have welcomed our brand new grandson, yet to be named! These are exciting times in my family! I have represented District 11 for 23 years and enjoy the challenges that come with being a Municipal Councillor.

Although there are sometimes frustrations, at the end of the day it is rewarding to feel you are making a difference in the lives of the people who elected you to represent them.

Why am I running for Council:

I was initially drawn to run for Council 23 years ago after having belonged to various volunteer groups in my area and served on the executive of many.

I had attended some public meetings that were held at the time about the landfill, sat in the gallery to listen to further discussions and followed council news with interest. I felt that perhaps I had something to offer and the rest is history – the people of District 11 in all its various forms over the last 23 years have given me their trust and support and I have worked hard to meet their expectations and provide the representation they deserve.

I would like to have the opportunity to continue to work for District 11 – Upper Rawdon, Rawdon Gold Mines, Centre Rawdon, South Rawdon, Gore, East Gore and West Gore, Stanley, Riverside Corner and Greenfield and all areas between.  I believe my experience and continued interest would serve both my district and the municipality as a whole in good stead as we face the many challenges ahead in the next four years.

Ideas/Plans to build East Hants?

I believe we need to continue to try and build a stronger commercial tax base to help ease the burden now carried by residential taxpayers. I believe the implementation of municipal wide zoning as mandated by the provincial government must be done in a respectful way that considers the rural perspective and allows for consultation and communication with residents of the affected areas.

I want to continue to lobby the federal government to broaden the criteria for use of gas tax money to allow it to be used for projects that support the needs of all our communities. I want to try to make sure the next mandated boundary review respects communities of interest and try to get the message across that while the numbers are important that the people who make up those numbers are the top consideration.

There will no doubt be many challenges in the next 4 years and to be successful we will need to build a cohesive council who are willing to listen to one another and compromise when needed. East Hants has the best of both worlds with the services and amenities available in the corridor and the rural way of life and attractions that exist outside the more urban core.

Continuing to understand the needs of both the more urban and rural parts of the municipality and working together to preserve the way of life we all treasure will only serve to allow all of East Hants to flourish – challenging but not impossible.

I am hoping for the opportunity to be a part of it.

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