MEH Candidate profile: District 10 Enfield/Grand Lake

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Here are your candidates running in District 10 Enfield/Grand Lake:

JD Boyd.

Name: John Douglas (JD) Boyd

Community: Enfield

District: District 10 – Enfield/Grand Lake


1957 – Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
1966 – Moved to Acadia Lane in Lower Sackville.
1977 – Graduated from Sackville High School.
1978 – Head west young man, they said.
1980 – Joined UBC Local 2103.
1982 – Started ‘Everkleen Restoration Services Ltd.’ with my Dad who had joined me in Calgary as there was no work in Nova Scotia.
1984 – Received my Red Seal Journeyman ticket in Carpentry.
1988 – Received my Red Seal Journeyman ticket in Masonry.
1984-95 – Member of the ‘Calgary Junior Chamber of Commerce’, serving a variety of volunteer positions including Membership Director, Vice President, and President in 1994.
1995-2010 – Moved an hour north of Calgary and started raising a variety of poultry and livestock.
2000 – Started sharing my love of photography by writing for a variety of motorcycle magazines, and
2008 – Taught First Year Carpentry at Olds College for two contracts (best job ever).
2010 – Started working in the oil patch.
2010 – Returned to Nova Scotia to be near my Dad.
2011 – Took my Scaffolding training at UBC Local 83.
2012 – Returned to the oil patch.
2015 – Stayed home after Christmas to help care for my Mom.
2016 – Started ‘Ability Building Contractors Ltd.’ with my Nephew

Why am I running for Council?

As with many, I have always had an interest in Government, and the way in life our Country is run. But as a young man my own journey kept me busy. I’ve learned 3 trades during my 40+ years in construction. I’ve worked in the Union as a Job Steward, representing my fellow workers.

I’ve been a Superintendent for large companies and I run my own small business.
I feel that Government Representatives would be better served if they spent some time in the real working world. Being a volunteer with the Calgary Junior Chamber piqued my interest more to be a member of Municipal Council as it gave me an insight of how the system works.

I spent 10 years traveling the continent by motorcycle and had many articles published by both Canadian and American magazines. All in all, I’ve had a very interesting life and feel I am now in a position where I can afford to serve my community.

In closing I’d like to share the Jaycees Creed as my memory recalls:
“I believe that Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life.
That the brotherhood of man, transcends the sovereignty of nations.
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise.
And that service to humanity is the best work in life.”

Tom Isenor.

Name: Tom Isenor

Community: Enfield

District: District 10 – Enfield/Grand Lake


Tom is an accomplished carpenter, silviculturist, and hobby farmer who has been a lifelong resident of Enfield, Nova Scotia. He has a special interest in forestry and woodland protection and is a member of the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association.

Tom has been an active member of his community, volunteering as a 4-H leader for over 20 years, where he coached club members for woodsman competitions and livestock exhibitions.

In addition to his contribution to 4-H Canada, Tom has proudly spent the past fifteen holiday seasons making the Christmas wreaths that decorate the streets of Enfield and Elmsdale.

Why running for Council?

Tom has always had a strong desire to help others and a genuine interest in seeing his community flourish. Having been a support person for adults with intellectual disabilities for the past 5 years, Tom is ready to step into a new role supporting members of his community. 

People who know Tom consider him to be a trustworthy, caring, and committed individual with a “get things done” attitude. Using these qualities, he hopes to advocate for the residents of Enfield-Grand Lake (District 10) and to create positive change. 

Ideas/Plan to build East Hants?

Tom has identified several priority issues for East Hants. Among these issues is the health and preservation of the Grand Lake water system. This lake is an important habitat for fish species including bass and gaspereau, and it provides residents with a large area for recreational activities.

Tom plans to advocate for the protection of this ecosystem so plants and animals continue to thrive and so many generations to come can enjoy this beautiful space.

Road safety for drivers and pedestrians is another key issue on Tom’s agenda. Increased signage for speed and hazardous turns is necessary for public safety, and Tom has plans to push for additional signs in several areas including Renfrew and Monte Vista roads.

The shortage of doctors and health professionals in our community is also of immediate concern for Tom, and he is willing to support individuals in their pursuit of accessing better healthcare.  He firmly believes that every resident should have a doctor, especially seniors, children, and those with chronic health concerns. 

Tom also advocates for the continued beautification of the village including planting trees along the sidewalks. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported Tom’s campaign for Councillor – District 10.

Louise Parker.

Name: Marie-Louise Parker (everyone calls me Louise)

Community: Enfield

District: District 10 – Enfield/Grand Lake

About me:

My roots run strong and deep in this community. I am a third generation Enfielder.

I have watched this area grow from a small rural setting where we knew who lived in every house and the name of their kids and dog, to a corridor of bustling, vibrant communities.

My two children attended the local schools and participated in sports and recreation programs. Now I am watching my grandson start school; so our education system is still an important topic to me.

I live here and I work here too! I was a Realtor in East Hants for close to 20 years. I created and ran a farmer’s market for two seasons after real estate. I was the CBC community correspondent for East Hants for two years. That was a wonderful experience; connecting with people throughout our area.

Currently I own a business in the field of home rentals and property management. This is where I witness a huge need for affordable housing in East Hants.

I live in a small home with two dogs, eight laying hens and two goats. (just the dogs are in the house). I’m an environmentalist and cherish the rural beauty our area has to offer.

Why am I running for Council?

Decisions made in council have a profound impact on our lives and livelihoods. I want to see how those decisions are made. The time required to really invest myself into council matters is now available in my life. I don’t have parental responsibilities or a time-consuming career. What I have is intent to work hard to make this the best place to live in Nova Scotia. We’re doing pretty good. But I see ways to be better.

I have skills and experience and knowledge to offer as a Councillor.  As a past member of East Hants and District Chamber of Commerce and sitting on the Board of Directors and the Think Local committee, I saw and heard what is important to residents and business.

I have organized fund raisers and food drives. I have media experience, business experience, development experience and effective communication skills. I want to put these to work for our communities.

Being a Councillor is not an easy job. My father was a Councillor and I witnessed the commitment and dedication required. I am eager to take that on. I am excited by the opportunity to make a difference. I have a motherly love for this area and I am willing to be present and do whatever it takes to best serve our communities.

Ideas/Plans to build East Hants?

  • It is getting incredibly difficult to find an affordable rental. There is plenty of development taking place. New people are coming to our area in droves. But what about the people who are already here? Like any successful business, you have to cherish and take care of the customers you already have. So, let’s work on creating a community where everyone can afford to live. Development is inevitable. But let’s make it smart development.
  • Our scenic rural agricultural land is a treasure that needs protecting.

We have beautiful rivers and hardly any public access. Let’s work on that. Wouldn’t that increase tourism? Wouldn’t that help government to view our waterways as something

more than a pipe that leads to our kitchen faucet?

  • There is opportunity to create local employment in tourism and other sectors.
  • When I was growing up here, there was public transportation to Halifax. Doesn’t that make even better sense now?
  • I have been to council meetings. I would like to see increased public attendance. If things are happening that affect our lives and livelihood, the more voices heard, the better.

I would like to see a unified council for the betterment of all communities with Councillors being open-minded to projects and ideas that may not be in their district.

  • AND the littering!!!  I know that is a TIR issue. But can’t we have attractive signage from the municipality saying: “This is OUR home. Please take your garbage to YOURS.”
  • Crosswalks? Again, a TIR project that has been requested and refused. But what I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is “NO means, just not now”. So, I want to keep on asking.
  • Water rates! What’s UP with them. No pun intended.

I would be honoured to have a seat on Council for the Municipality of East Hants.

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