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Here is your District 7 Lantz/Milford candidate profiles:

Julie Benoit.

Name: Julie Benoit

Community: Lantz

District: District 7 – Lantz/Milford


Born on the East Coast and raised in a military family, I have lived in many parts of Canada. I am happy to have settled in one place, right here in East Hants where both my husband and I strive, like many people, to balance our work and home life while our son attends Maple Ridge Elementary School. 

My experience whether in sales, marketing or operations has all been part of building a foundation that is successful because it is built upon the people I serve.  I am ready to tackle what ever issues come our way, to get creative and work collaboratively.

In these uncertain times, we are dealing with things like economic instability, lack of affordable housing, food insecurity and Covid related challenges.  This can make us want to give up or look away… but I do not want to do that. I want to be part of the solution.

I’m here to listen. To hear the challenges, you are facing. To work together in developing solutions.  Solutions that will continue to support growth and better the lives of all in East Hants.

Why Am I Running for Council?

Giving back and being part of the community that I live in is important to me. My son goes to school here and our family has settled into our home in Lantz. I want to participate in the decisions being made in the community.  More than that, I want to be part of the continuing growth of the Municipality, while still keeping in mind its values and acknowledging what makes it special, like our green spaces, parks, trails, and family orientated businesses.

It’s exciting to see all of the new development in and around our community. At the same time, there is a concern that voices of some families and residents who do not have access to required resources are not being heard.  As a councillor there is opportunity to focus on addressing these needs. 

As a mother, I want to know I am working hard so that all families, however they may be made up, have the access to necessities.

Ideas / Plans to Build East Hants:

Having sat on several boards and worked in the private sector, I understand and appreciate the challenges of working in diverse groups, while still focusing on results. 

Focusing on things like:

  • Access to Support Programs:  As a community we should be aiding in the support of those in need.  Accessing support should not be difficult.  It is important that we take stock of where these needs exist and we deliver where necessary.
  • Affordable housing: If a person is just starting out or maybe downsizing, housing options in East Hants are limited and is an issue that needs to be addressed. There needs to be options for us to stay within our community as we transition though different stages of life.
  • Improved communications with community members: It is important to improve our communication for updates and feedback. This would promote community engagement and ensure residents would know what decisions are being made by council.
  • Sidewalks:  If it is a common occurrence for adults and children to be walking along side a busy road there should be a sidewalk.
  • Sustainability: Most would agree that there is a need for people to take more sustainable actions.  I think by implementing an awareness program that is easily understood and achievable, while encouraging local business to do the same, we would encourage more to participate.

Contact Information:


Facebook: Benoit for Lantz / Milford

Phone: (902) 410-6334

John MacDonald.

Name: John A MacDonald

Community: Lantz

District: District 7 – Lantz/Milford

About:I decided in 1999 to build a house in Lantz and live there with my daughter, two dogs and one cat.  I am running in Lantz/Milford (which is all of Lantz and what I call South Milford (up to 2092 Hwy 2 and all side roads)).

I have owned and operated my company (E-Commerce Solutions by Canucks Inc) since 1999 and I currently run it out of my home office. I have always been community minded and volunteer on various boards. I was a member of the Lantz Volunteer Fire Department for almost 10 years (I resigned mainly due to an foot injury in October of 2019).

I was on the board of the East Hants Sportsplex for their expansion project, past President of the East Hants Chamber of Commerce, coached soccer, and the Councillor for Lantz from 2008-2016.

Currently on the East Hants Youth Links, East Hants Health Board and a Director on the East Hants Chamber of Commerce (on leave right now) and the treasurer of the East Hants JR C Ryson Construction. 

Why am I running for Council?

I thought hard on if I was going to run or not for Council, but decided that municipal is where I would be able to best serve the community.  

A councillor can not be just what can I do for their District – you have to look at the big picture and make sure that all of East Hants is moving in the right direction. I in no way am going to promise you things I cannot deliver. I will not tell you I will always give you the answer you want to hear, but I will ensure you do get an answer and explanation of why.  

Ideas/Plans to build East Hants?

East Hants needs affordable housing, support for our recreational groups, and a strong voice to ensure the province is working with us, not just telling us what is going on. 

We need to keep a close eye on expenses, even more so with Covid affecting everyone. We need to be open to business, but that does not mean always saying yes. But if we have to say no, we need to give a reason. The upgrades promised on Hwy 214, cannot come soon enough. 

The bridge between Lantz & HRM has to get fast tracked to be replaced. Water and Sewer expansion to parts of Milford – maybe we should be looking at connecting business park road to Enfield to also extend the water and sewer. 

Remember to get out and Vote, if you have any questions you wanted answered, feel free to call or email me.

Cell: (902) 483-7382

Jonathan Nieforth.

Name: Jonathan Nieforth

Community: Lantz

District: District 7 – Lantz/Milford


I was born and raised in Lantz and have always been a proud resident. I’m an avid outdoorsman, nature enthusiast, and lover of all sports. Volunteering and supporter of community development and recreation.
Professional background in Information Technology and consulting and experience working in non-profit organizations. I have worked for Chignecto Centre for Regional Education, Indian Brook band office and Sport Nova Scotia.

Over the years I’ve volunteered at East Hants Sportsplex, East Hants Minor Soccer, and East Hants Minor Hockey. I volunteered helping to build and maintain walking/biking trails in East Hants.

Why am I running for Council?

I pride myself in helping others by being a good listener, open to innovation, and my goal is to become the people’s advocate for District 7 Lantz/Milford.

Concerned about what Lantz/Milford will look like in 10 years and beyond. My primary reason for running is to make a positive change in our community.

Ideas/Plans to Build East Hants?

– Dealing with growing garbage issues in the community.

– Help subsidize senior housing to keep seniors in their homes (long term).

– Help seniors transition into “aged living”.

– New Picnic Park with free WIFI for everyone to use.

– Look into issues concerning the skate park to make it usable, for all ages and skill levels, not just advanced.

– Zoning/by-laws.

Walter Tingley.

Name: Walter Tingley

Community: Lantz

District: District 7 Lantz/Milford


Spouse: Karen Tingley 

Son: Scott Tingley, Manager of Forestry Protection, Province of Nova Scotia   

Daughter: Melanie Tingley, Homemaker, Last employment, Regional Marketing Manager, CSN Collision Centers

Son: Michael Tingley, School Teacher

Grandchildren: Aithne Tingley & Judson Gillis Tingley

Professional Designation: Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP)

Employment History: Claims Management; Personal/Commercial Auto, Personal/Commercial Property, Bodily Injury, Business Interruption, Environmental, Fidelity, Surety, Construction, Professional Liability claims and Catastrophic weather events. 

Awards: 2011 Manager of the Year for Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc., among 80 Canadian offices.

Professional associations: 

Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia (IINS): Past president, board member 10 years.  

Canadian Insurance Adjusters Association (CIAA): current liaison between CIAA and the province of Nova Scotia Emergency Measures Organization (EMO).

Volunteer involvement:  

Dream Wings: provide my service as a pilot to provide free flights to children with special needs and their parents when requested. 

Special Olympics: chair of golf tournaments and other events through a fraternity (Blue Goose) to raise funds for SO.    

East Hants Sportsplex: Past president, board of directors for 10 years.

Hockey Coach: Approximately 10 years. 

Misc:  Blood donator, pick up litter, stock shelves at food bank, serve meals at Salvation Army

Recreation: play 70-80 hockey games per year, marathon runner – last full marathon ran September 12, 2020, other sports occasionally.

Why I am running for Council?

The reason I am running for council are:

I have the following transferable skills I believe would be helpful for the role of councillor including:

  • Business 
  • Management 
  • Interpreting income & expense statements and balance sheets.  
  • Board of directors for the Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia (including as president), Canadian Insurance Adjusters Association (NS Chapter), East Hants Sportsplex (including as president)
  • Investigating, evaluating, and negotiating of complex claim situations
  • Reporting oral and written reports

A desire for the experience and challenge to help the community where I have lived nearly all my life.

Ideas/Plans to build East Hants?

If I am elected councillor for District 7, Lantz-Milford, my initial plan is to work closely with other councillors to:  

(1) Identify strategies for maintaining and improving delivery of services to the current population and projected populations.

(2) Carefully review and approve operating and capital budgets.  

(3) Review and, if necessary, update the municipality value proposition and plans for continuing to attract people and business to East Hants.

Maintaining and improving delivery of services, prudent management of operating and capital budgets and having a solid value proposition and plan should provide people and businesses some compelling reasons to want to establish in East Hants.  

Many municipalities in Nova Scotia have experienced declining populations for years, while East Hants has been experiencing slow steady growth. It is no secret that most population growth around the globe has occurred in and near major cities for decades. East Hants has benefited from being situated beside the largest municipality in Atlantic Canada – HRM.  

Statistics Canada report that between 1961 -2016, the population in East Hants grew from 10,857 to 23,542. This is a total increase of 12,685 or an average of 231 per year, over a period of 55 years. 9,888 of the growth was in the corridor area.

There is an expectation that East Hants will experience a greater increase in population growth rate over the next several years due to construction of the new exit from Highway 102 to Lantz and due to developments already approved, as well as potential future developments still in the planning stages.

This of course is provided changes in death rates, birth rates, migration, employment (the airport), the economy, or other changes do not diminish developments and projected population growth rates.

We will no doubt experience an increase in our population growth rate in the medium to long term but my plan is to direct my attention to maintaining and improving the services for which the municipality is responsible as the growth inevitably occurs.

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