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Here is your District 8 Mount Uniacke candidate profiles:

Brandon Lynch.

Name: Brandon Lynch 

Community: Mount Uniacke

District: District 8 โ€“ Mount Uniacke


I have been a member of Mount Uniacke my entire life, born and raised, just as generations of my family have been before me. I decided to remain in Mount Uniacke as I reached adulthood, eventually meeting the women who would become my wife.

I own and operate a small business in the community that has been made possible in part by the support of many locals. Owning a small business has given me the opportunity to meet with many residents, build relationships, and take part in community events. 

Why run for Council? 

The thought of running for Council has run through my mind for some time now. I believe that being a successful small business owner in the world we live in today shows the hard work, dedication, and commitment a person can have. I feel that these are exactly some of the qualities a community needs in councillors and that should be expected.

The need for someone who will listen, stand up for what they believe in, and communicate with the residents is a must, and I hope to have the chance to prove to the residents of District 8 that I will do this to my full potential. 

Plans/ideas to help build East Hants?

Living in East Hants my entire life I have seen many changes, many for the better. From parks and trails, to playgrounds and pools. We as a municipality seem to be headed in the right direction when it comes to adding things to our communities to get people outside and involved.

I believe it is important for us to maintain this trend we have going with recreational development. To keep using the available funds for good use. The growth alone in my own community over the last few years is a great example of this.

A new skate park, a new playground, and the refurbishment of an existing playground. These are all examples of the trend we as members of East Hants need to keep going throughout our municipality.

Michael Perry. (Photo submitted for this column)

Name: Michael Perry

Community: Mount Uniacke

District: District 8 โ€“ Mount Uniacke


I am a 21-year member of the Canadian Armed Forces and an Afghanistan Veteran, who holds degrees from Saint Francis Xavier University (2005) and the University of Wollongong (Sydney Australia, 2008). I was elected to Council in 2018 after the untimely passing of the previous councillor.

In 2019 after one year on council I was elected Deputy Warden by my fellow council members. I have over 20 years of experience in the military, and I know what it takes to plan, execute and cooperate on both large and small projects. This experience and being able to speak and gain an audience with higher levels of government is not something that is new or foreign to me. 

Overall, I am a hard worker who does what it takes to get things done in an efficient and professional manner. I grew up in Mount Uniacke and was all too happy to return when I had the chance. I was married in 2018 and my wife after 12 years in Canada is now a new Canadian Citizen as of 2020. We enjoy walking with our new puppy Pepper and being active members in the community.

Why am I running for Council?

I would like the opportunity to continue to represent Mount Uniacke. I am proud of the last 2 years since I have been on Council that Mount Uniacke saw more community groups get access to vital funding that they need to provide important services to the community.

The increased relationship with the Fire Department that allowed a lowering of the Fire Rate for Uniacke was great to get done to help lower the tax burden on the area residents. There were 2 parks that were renovated or constructed at this time without a tax increase. I pushed hard with the help of staff to ensure Mount Uniacke would have the first fully wheel-chair accessible playground attraction in all of East Hants. These successful items are why I am re-offering as I have seen firsthand that hard work and cooperation at the council table in support of community projects can make things happen.

I am excited to see what can be done if I get the opportunity to work for the next 4 years, for both my community of Mount Uniacke and all of East Hants as a whole.  

Ideas/plans to help build East Hants?

I see great potential for the whole region, through rural development, increased cooperation and shared services with all 3 levels of government.  The last 2 years there has been considerable work done to help grow the Elmsdale/Lantz and Enfield areas. These developments are all positive and moving forward we must focus on growth and development across the whole of the municipality.

I believe in the next term of Council there are a few areas that need to be addressed, with one being affordable and senior housing, as well as a sustainable community plan that will help reduce energy cost for home owners and businesses and ensure access to drinkable water. 

Council must also work with community and business partners to help attract more vital services and jobs, as all of East Hants can benefit from increased commercial business and access to services, such as doctors, dentists, and caregivers.

The people of East Hants are the best resource we have, and their well being must always remain the focus moving forward.

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