MEH Candidate profile: District 6 Walton/Noel/Kennetcook

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Here are your candidates running in District 6 Walton/Noel/Kennetcook:

Angela Sanford.

Name:  Angela Sanford
Community: Kennetcook
District:  District 6 – Walton/Noel/Kennetcook

About me:

Raised in East Noel, I now reside in Kennetcook where my husband, Dan, and I raised our family – Devin, Ryan, and Wyatt. In 1995, I began teaching, closing out my teaching years at HNRH then CDS. With my Master’s Degree in Leadership and Administration I became CCRCE’s Health Mentor for Nova Family.

Following this, I designed curricula for the automotive trades with the NS Apprenticeship Agency. I returned to the public education system five years ago as the Curricula Design Specialist and just over a year ago accepted the role of Coordinator of Distributed Learning for EECD.

Throughout my lifetime I have volunteered in many community aspects, serving brunch at the Royal CDN Legion to 4-H Leader, Baseball coach to Drama Club Director, and more. I am currently an Elder with Noel United Church and the Vice President of Administration for Boxing NS.

As I move into my final years in public education, I am seeking ways to continue to give back to my immediate community and my broader district for all they have given to me, knowing that we work best when we work together as our community has shown time and time again.

Why am I running for Council?

District 6 – Not only have I lived here but I’ve played here, I’ve worked here, I’ve welcomed others here – friends, family, colleagues, new friends and neighbours. Nearly everyone I have talked to about their time here realizes how they, too, have come to LIVE here even if they had to return home. Once you’ve truly lived here you can never leave, if only through the memories carried inside you.

That’s why I decided to run for Councillor – I want everyone to experience District 6 the way we live it – home owners and families, those new to our communities, and those who visit our communities for whatever reason, short or long term.  I want to see a District that is sustaining itself for years to come on the tourism and natural resources we have; to build the infrastructure that supports this and encourages others to LIVE with us, and to build a thriving District where our youth will be able to build their future.

You’ll hear it in my voice, my passion for our little piece of the world – but a large piece of our LIFE! 

What are my ideas/plans to help build East Hants?

For me District 6 is about community – working together towards a common goal. I enjoy and want to encourage everyone in District 6 to have a voice in our future. I want to hear ideas from, and work with, community members to build relationships and shared interests based on friendly, reliable, equitable and effective services; both non-profit and consumer based that allow us to both support local and to set high expectations for growth.

District 6 needs to be able to not only sustain itself but to thrive. To do this we need to focus on tourism and infrastructure – the development of boat launches and community trails, helping our parks reach their full potential, and the expansion of community centered businesses. These are foundational to our immediate area but, in collaboration with the surrounding districts, will bring energy to an already amazing place to live.

To help maintain a thriving community, we need to engage our youth in reasons for living, working, playing, and volunteering right here, in our own backyards.

By providing ample opportunities for equitable services – fire and rescue, wellness centres, and employment, and opportunities to engage in sports, arts, nature, and more our youth contribute to our community voice. Their voice needs to be heard because they are our future.

Together we can learn from one another and support each other, because everyone in East Hants deserves the extended family community we have in District 6.

(No photo submitted for Ron Fortune)

Name:  Ron Fortune
Community: Burntcoat
District:  District 6 – Walton/Noel/Kennetcook

About me:

  • Currently retired and living in the community of Burntcoat
  • Former positions with Labatts and Toyota Canada
  • Enjoy volunteering with my local Burntcoat Community group
  • Avid kayaker, gardener and hiker

What are my ideas/plans to help build East Hants?

Hope to encourage local small business development in my area to create much needed employment opportunities.

Name: Wayne Greene
Has not submitted a bio as of Sept 22

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