MEH Candidate profile: District 5 Maitland/MacPhee’s Corner

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Here are your candidates running in District 5 Maitland/MacPhee’s Corner:

Shannon MacWilliam.

Name:  Shannon MacWilliam
Community: East Gore
District:  District 5 – Maitland & MacPhees Corner

About me:

I have been a proud resident of East Hants since November 2007.  I come from Halifax and was drawn to the history and beauty of this area while looking for a place to buy a home and raise a family.

My husband Chris and I found our “east coast farmhouse” and our time has been spent figuring out how to raise chickens, grow a garden, stack wood, and not freeze in the winter.  It was important to us and our family to learn how to grow our own food and be able to give back and be self resilient & knowledgeable on where food comes from.

Our East Hants rural life allows us to do all of that. Local know-how and community spirit gave us the knowledge to be successful and to continue to learn and grow.

I also work as a Business Analyst from my home remotely, so I do live, shop, work in rural East Hants. My children are both in elementary school, Grades 4 & 1, and are involved in 4H.

I have volunteered my time working community breakfasts, with the school, and over the past 5 years have grown more involved in local politics. 

Why am I running for Council?

I believe elections matter and I believe that the institutions that represent us should reflect us.   Currently there are still barriers to having young people and women winning seats in public office. Our voices and perspectives matter.

I care about the community, economy, and environment in which my children & their peers will grow up and I want to represent District 5 on growing a better tomorrow. I feel it is extremely important that elections happen and that there are changes in the people that are elected to represent us.

Elections allow new voices and perspectives to emerge as communities grow and change. I would be proud to represent District 5 and the entire Municipality of East Hants if I was to be voted onto Council.

What are my ideas/plans to help build East Hants?

My plans are a representation of the plans I have heard on the doorsteps. People want safe schools. They want safe roads. They want a thriving economy while continuing to maintain the rural historic charm that the communities of District 5 offer. I will work towards building partnerships to build back up the use of community halls and community spaces. 

I would love to be able to address some of the transportation concerns and lack of public transportation that is a barrier for some members to attend events in community halls.

Although schools and roads are not municipal issues; I will work in partnership with my fellow council members and all levels of government to ensure that our community is represented in those decisions. I also believe in a transparent communication on the items that are being brought to council.  I would work on a community reach to speak to residents of District 5 on the items matter to them.

I will also work towards finding the next generation of community youth to involve in the civic engagement process with the goal to encourage young people to put their names forward in future elections themselves.

Keith Rhyno.

Name:  Keith Rhyno
Community: Maitland
District:  District 5 – Maitland & MacPhee’s Corner

About me:

  • 43 years of service with Maitland Fire Dept
  • Coached minor baseball and minor hockey
  • My wife Susan and I have 2 adult children and 5 grandchildren
  • Member of WD Lawrence Masonic lodge
  • Graduate of Hants North Rural High
  • Hold a certificate from Henson College on Municipal Governing
  • 23 years of experience as a Municipal Councillor

Why am I running for Council?

  • To maintain a strong voice of representation for the residents of District 5
  • To continue building the Municipality as a place to live, grow, and prosper
  • To continue building on the commercial growth potential of the Municipality
  • To continue to build various options of growth for our youth, employment opportunities for our adults and improve upon the quality of life experiences for our seniors

My Plan:

  •  To always at every chance to be the ambassador for the Municipality to instill in everyone a sense of pride, positivity and potential of being.

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