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Here is your District 4 Shubenacadie Candidate profiles:

Carl MacPhee.

Name:  Carl MacPhee
Community: Shubenacadie
District:  District 4 – Shubenacadie

About me:

I am a lifelong resident of East Hants. Raised in Shubenacadie by my parents, the late Willard and Ida MacPhee, along with my brothers Willard and Brian. Now I live down the road from my family home. I attended Hants East Rural High and after graduation I attended Acadia University earning a Bachelor of Science degree.

I am now retired after 44 years with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. I worked in East Hants, the Musquodoboit Valley and Colchester County as a construction inspector, baseperson, and for the last 18 years as an Operations Supervisor.

Through these positions I worked with members of the public to resolve many issues that arose on highway construction projects and later on highway maintenance issues. Through my employment I became very familiar with the Municipality of East Hants.

Why am I running for council?

After a year of retirement, many rounds of golf, and home improvements, I am ready to go back to work for the residents of District 4 and East Hants.  District 4 needs strong representation on council to improve the District and continue to develop the Municipality.

As I stated, I am familiar with all of East Hants, from District 4 to Maitland to Mount Uniacke and the Corridor area.

My ideas and plan:

East Hants continues to develop, with rapid residential development. To support the needed infrastructure, the tax base must expand. To keep the residential tax rate from increasing, continued commercial development is needed. The business parks are growing, but commercial development outside of the parks is also needed to provide services for communities throughout the Municipality.

The new council will have to deal with rezoning as mandated by the Provincial Government. In District 4 protecting the agricultural zoning is very important to our farm community and other residents as well. I plan to advocate for the protection of our farmland while also being open to tweaking the zoning to help the business community.

We also need to keep in mind the needs of the woodlot owners and workers so they can continue to make a living from the forest land, at the same time not forgetting that forest lands are also needed for recreation. We also need to support local businesses by shopping locally. When possible, Buy Local.

While the infrastructure continues to be improved, as the population expands, infrastructure such as recreational facilities, sewer and water systems will also need to be improved in all Districts within the municipality.

Another area of need is support for seniors, so they can remain in their own homes and when the time comes to move from their homes, they do not have to leave their community. There is an increasing need for housing designed for seniors, especially in District 4.

Paul Preiss.

Name:  Paul Preiss
Community: Shubenacadie
District:  District 4 – Shubenacadie

About me:

Hello, my name is Paul Preiss and I running for the position of Councillor for District 4 – Shubenacadie in the Municipality of East Hants.

I am the 3rd generation of Preiss’ to have called Shubenacadie my home. I currently live on the Mill Village Road with my two sons (Eric – 21 and Hayden – 13) along with our dog, Luka. I have coached basketball, softball, baseball, and hockey in the corridor for over 10 years with various organizations and am the current chairperson of the East Hants Basketball Society. 

Why am I running for council?

I believe that Shubenacadie needs a voice that will stand up for the people that live, reside and work in the village. We have not had the same growth opportunities as the rest of East Hants and our village has suffered because of it. We have lost several businesses and development opportunities because of the lack of investment from the municipality.

My goals are to be the voice of the residents and business owners so we can all bring life back to Shubenacadie.

What are my ideas/plans to build East Hants?

I want to bring young families into Shubenacadie. In order to do that we need a place for our seniors to live. The lack of affordable and local accommodations has kept them in their homes and with the rising costs of home ownership have made it extremely hard on our seniors who live on a limited income to enjoy their retirement.

If we had senior housing, residents would sell to newer families and increasing the population of the corridor.

With the announcement of the new waste treatment plant, I can now target developers and businesses to take another look at Shubenacadie for future development but also keep the village feel to the community.

I want to bring life back to the recreation facilities like the ball field, Kirkpatrick soccer field and the playground, and continue the goal of the Hall & Grounds Committee to build a new playground and splashpad in Shubenacadie.

Email :

FB : @preiss4district4

Marianne Stewart.

Name:  Marianne Stewart
Community: Elmsdale
District:  District 4 – Shubenacadie

About me:

I currently live in Elmsdale with my husband and 2 children. We have lived here for 20 years. I have over 27 years of experience working in finance in a variety of businesses, from Chartered Accountant Firms to large corporations, as Finance Manager to Director of Business Affairs. I have my own Consulting business and I am part owner of the Crafty Owl Artisans Market in Shubenacadie.

My greatest strengths are being able to understand and create financial plans that can grow a company, my “get it done” attitude and ability to lead teams. I believe that this would serve me well as Councillor to ensure that questions are being asked about where the money is being spent and leading change.

I have a passion for the youth and learning, which led me to being the Director of Children’s Ministry in our church. I have also sat on the Board of Directors for East Hants Youth Links, and for various new start-ups. I have volunteered with several of the sports groups that my kids were a part of over the years.

I am also part of the business group that started #ShopShubie to gain awareness to the area.

Why am I running for council?

The reason I added my name to the list for Council is to serve the community and initiate change. Community is important to me and building a thriving business environment that will attract industry, that will bring in more jobs, bring in more families and ensure that the area has affordable housing, especially for the seniors, is important to the Shubenacadie area, as well as all of East Hants.

I believe that it is especially important to maintain the agriculture that we have in East Hants and ensure that the local food producers can continue growing their businesses and getting their products to market. It is also important to ensure schools and infrastructure can keep up with the new growth.

Communication and accountability are key to working together with all levels of government, including Council and staff, to meet the strategic plan set forth for the growth of East Hants. Being open to the concerns of the residents and being able to bring those forth is important, as all residents should be heard.

What are my ideas/plans to help build East Hants?

The things that I am keen to see change, especially in the Shubenacadie area are – grow the business community, bring more families into the area, ensure the treatment plant is upgraded, affordable housing for seniors and assure that we are able to keep our elementary school. There needs to be an emphasis put on the need for infrastructure to keep up with the level of growth that will be seen over the next few years.

Recruitment and planning needs to start now to begin the development of the Shubenacadie area. With the plans to upgrade the treatment plant and the length of time that will be in progress, we cannot wait until that is completed to then start focusing on new businesses and the development of housing. It is also going to take time to plan for any zoning concerns, the sooner this is started, the quicker progress will be seen.

With the addition of more families moving in, there needs to be more for the youth, such as after school programs and volunteer opportunities that will teach them leadership and life-skills. Communication between all community groups needs to remain open and learn from one another.

Questions need to be asked, where is the money is being spent, are budgets being adhered too, what is the return on investment and how long will it take to get these projects done.

Accountability, communication and ensuring the values of East Hants are being maintained, is particularly important to a well-managed, achievable strategic plan.

Kim Williams.

Name:  Kim Allen Williams
Community: Shubenacadie
District:  District 4 – Shubenacadie

About me:

My name is Kim Allen Williams. I live in the village of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. I would like the opportunity to serve as the Councillor representing my area, District 4.

I have lived here for most of my life and would like to represent my hometown once again after having served on Council for seven years from 1997-2004. Two years of this time I was Deputy Warden. One of my accomplishments was pushing to have the sidewalks put in. I was instrumental in bringing safer and better tasting water to our village.

I was on The RCMP Advisory Commission, Tinsmith Museum Board, East Hants Tourism Board, Snides Lake Steering Committee, Fire Advisory Committee, church committees, Cubs, Scouts, Cadets and the School Advisory Boards in our areas.

I am now retired after being a carpenter for over 40 years working locally and for B.D. Stevens Ltd., Dartmouth, building many of the buildings that now make up Burnside, Dartmouth, Halifax, and Sackville areas.

I have mentored many young people who have worked with me; encouraging them to “Stay in School” so that they don’t have to work so hard.

Why am I running for Council?

I am married to Bev and we have a blended family of grown children. We have known and cared about the people of our community for many years. They have cared back and showed it when I had a difficult time health-wise a couple of years ago. Shubenacadie is a community of generous, caring, supportive and strong people and I would like the chance to have a strong voice for us on council so that we can continue to thrive.

What are my ideas/plans to help build East Hants?

My goals for Shubenacadie are: extending the sidewalks on the Mill Village Road, enlarging the sewage treatment plant so that it will be big enough to handle new houses being built, and to revisit the High Risk Flood Plain Plan, I believe that there were some mistakes made in the CBCL report.

I would rather do something to protect shoreline erosion than to tell people that the home they have invested in their whole lives is worthless.

Name: Ian Knockwood

No profile submitted as of Sept. 24

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