MEH Warden not re-offering in October’s municipal election

ENFIELD: The Warden for the Municipality of East Hants will not be re-offering for the position in this fall’s municipal election.

Jim Smith made the news official at a recently held East Hants Council meeting, held over Zoom. It was the last meeting before the summer break which comprises of no meetings in August.

In the Warden’s comments section of the meeting, Smith spoke to his council colleagues.

“I made it no secret that I wasn’t going to run again, but I figured I should make it official,” said Smith. “I’m just letting everybody know this is my last term.”

He mentioned that depending on COVID19 he may miss September’s council meeting, which would be his last before the municipal election on Oct. 17, as he will be at national marksmen championships in Ontario.

“It’s been great to serve with all the people I have on council,” said Smith. “It’s time for greener pastures for me.”

Many of his council colleagues thanked Smith for his dedication and time as Warden of the municipality before the meeting concluded.

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