Mom, son charged with assault with a weapon, uttering threats

RCMP badge. (Police photo)

KENNETCOOK: A mother and son have been charged with numerous assault and uttering threats offences following an incident at Hants North Rural High (HNRH) that spilled over to the nearby Kennetcook Fire Hall parking lot.

According to S/Sgt. Cory Bushell with East Hants RCMP, officers with the detachment were called Feb. 22 to Hants North Rural High in Kennetcook for a disturbance.

The caller informed police a parent, a 37-year-old woman, showed up to confront a student that was in conflict with their 19-year-old son, a student at the school.

“The matter spilled over into a similar incident at the nearby fire hall, where it is alleged threats and an assault took place,” said S/Sgt. Bushell. “The parent and son were both arrested.”

The woman, from Upper Rawdon, is charged with mischief; causing a disturbance; and uttering threats. She was released on conditions and is scheduled for court on April 9, for election and plea.


Meanwhile, the son, also from Upper Rawdon, faces charges of assault with a weapon; three counts of assault; two counts of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm; possession of a weapon; eight counts of breach of probation; and uttering threats to damage property.

He was arrested and appeared before the courts, where the charges were laid. He was released on conditions.

The son is scheduled to re-appear in court on April 12for election and plea.

 There were rumours that a weapon was used at the school incident on Feb. 22, and another incident that occurred off school property on Feb. 19.

S/Sgt. Bushell confirmed only one of those incidents had a weapon involved.

“There is evidence that a weapon was used in the commission of an offense which occurred off of school property on Feb. 19,” he said. “There is no evidence to support the presence of or use of a weapon at or near the school during the events of Feb. 22.”


Videos of the incident where the alleged assault took place at the firehall were sent into police as part of the investigation. They also show a man possibly assaulting a youth.

The Laker News was also sent two video clips showing the alleged incident. We will not be sharing those videos.

“All witness videos and witness statements provided to police have been reviewed and charges have been laid where evidence supports same,” said S/Sgt. Bushell.

S/Sgt. Bushell said it was a serious incident.

“It is particularly serious when it is alleged a student provided unauthorized access to the school, followed by criminal acts within,” he said. “School officials and police are investigating this matter thoroughly.”

Jennifer Rodgers, spokeswoman with the Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education (CCRCE), said no school lockdown was utilized.

“Schools use lockdown procedures as deemed necessary by the school administration, given each particular circumstance,” said Rodgers. “School-wide notifications are appropriate in some instances, but not all.”

Rodgers couldn’t say what discipline was for the two students without breaching privacy.

“It is important that all of our students and staff feel safe and secure while at school,” she said. “Our school administration will use the NS School Code of Conduct to guide their response to inappropriate behaviour.

“However, we cannot share specifics of the incident without breaching student privacy.”