Municipality prepares for impacts of Hurricane Teddy

HALIFAX: It’s not quite the Hurricane that Halifax is used to preparing for–that one is usually on the basketball court.

On Sept. 21, the HRM said it is is closely monitoring Hurricane Teddy as it approaches the region, with impacts expected beginning Tuesday. Service adjustments will continue to be made accordingly. For the latest information on the municipal response, visit

Be prepared

Residents are asked to please move umbrellas and patio furniture inside – and remove anything that high winds could pick up such as garbage containers/bags, flower pots, toys, temporary signage, sports equipment, and any other objects located near the right of way. Election signs should also be taken indoors and not reinstated until the storm has passed to reduce the likelihood of flying debris.

To reduce the likelihood of flooding, residents who are able to do so safely are asked to clear debris from catch basins located near their property prior to the storm.

High storm surges are expected, and all residents should stay away from all areas of the coat or any low-lying areas. Be ready to move inland or to higher ground in the event of a significant storm.

Election signs should also be taken indoors and not reinstated until the storm has passed to reduce the likelihood of flying debris.

Drinking water stations

The program to offer drinking water for those with significantly low well water levels will be cancelled for Tuesday, Sept. 22.

This service will be reassessed for next week as water levels are expected to increase with the current weather system.

Station 24 located at 32 Riverside Drive in Musquodoboit Harbour will be providing drinking water from 6:30 to 8 p.m. today only.

Residents on wells who are experiencing water shortage issues are strongly encouraged to contact 311 to report a water shortage, as this will allow the municipality to understand where shortages are occurring and place a supply of drinking water.

Residents are also encouraged to learn more about the Inadequate Water Supply program, in which property owners can offset the cost of installing water supply systems. For more information on available support and access to water supplies, visit

Solid Waste Collection

Curbside collection will continue as scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 22. An update will be provided should there be any service impacts later in the week.

Parks, Halifax Public Gardens and Recreation Centres

The Halifax Public Gardens will be closed on Tuesday, Sept. 22. An announcement on reopening will be made once any debris has been removed.

The status of sports fields, ball diamonds and other park facilities will be monitored as the storm progresses. 

The status of recreation facilities will also be monitored as the storm progresses.  Please call ahead to your local recreation centre for updates.

For all updates, visit