NDP Leader Claudia Chender (Submitted photo)

HALIFAX: The Nova Scotia NDP tabled legislation March 19 banning scab labour in Nova Scotia.

Federal anti-scab legislation recently passed Second Reading with all-party support.

Provincially, British Columbia and Quebec already have similar legislation that bans the use of scabs during a strike.

“Workers need and deserve fair wages and safe working conditions and they have the right to bargain for them. Particularly when we are in the middle of an affordability crisis and we see record corporate profits and little being done by the Houston government to provide relief for everyday Nova Scotians,” said NSNDP Leader Claudia Chender.

“Labour has been calling for provincial anti-scab legislation for years. We’re proud to stand with them today in tabling this bill.”


The NSNDP Bill would prevent employers from using scab labour when workers are legally striking or locked out except for pre-arranged work that must be done for health and safety reasons.

It also lays out penalties for employers who violate the Act.


“The ongoing strike at CN Autoport, where scabs were doing Unifor members’ work mere hours after the legal picket line went up, demonstrates the urgent need for anti-scab legislation in Nova Scotia.

“The use of scabs prolongs labour disputes and poisons labour relations, long after disputes end. It’s time for all governments to pass anti-scab legislation to rebalance labour relations and protect every worker and we thank the NSNDP for tabling this legislation today.”

– Jennifer Murray, Unifor Atlantic Regional Director.


“It is about time that Nova Scotia join British Colombia, Quebec, and soon Manitoba and the federal government in passing anti-scab legislation.

“Right now, employers use scabs to circumvent the rights of their workers, and that must stop. CUPE Nova Scotia is in full support of this bill and hope to see it pass quickly with support from all parties.”
– Nan McFadgen, President of CUPE Nova Scotia

“Nova Scotian workers are the bedrock of this Province and they deserve to strike for fair wages and good working conditions when a deal cannot be reached through bargaining.

“The use of scab labour undermines workers’ ability to negotiate fairly, prolongs strike actions, and disincentivizes employers from reaching a fair deal.” 

– Kendra Coombes, NSNDP Labour Spokesperson.