DARTMOUTH: The Nova Scotia SPCA has received a $40,000 grant from PetSmart Charities of Canada to prepare more animals in Nova Scotia for adoption.

With the help of this grant, the Nova Scotia SPCA will spay or neuter nearly 600 shelter pets to support efforts to help homeless pets find homes.

Prior to adoption, along with basic necessities and comforts, the Nova Scotia SPCA provides shelter pets with vaccines, flea and tick treatment, microchip, spay or neuter surgery, and treatment of immediate medical concerns.

To make pet adoption affordable, adoption fees cover a small portion of the actual cost incurred. Community support and leadership partners, like PetSmart Charities of Canada, help to offset the cost of care.

“Our goal is to set animals and their families up for success,” said Elizabeth Murphy, CEO of the Nova Scotia SPCA. “Many are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 crisis and having preventative surgeries and treatment included is a big relief for families.

“Thanks to the generosity of PetSmart Charities of Canada, pet parents can focus on enjoying their new family member instead of the cost of initial care.”

“We are proud to support Nova Scotia SPCA’s work to help homeless pets throughout the province find loving homes,” said Charlotte Palmer, associate relationship manager at PetSmart Charities of Canada. “It is our hope this funding will help provide more comprehensive care for pets and reduce their stay in shelter, while giving them the best chance at finding loving homes.”

Due to the State of Emergency, adoptions at the Nova Scotia SPCA were suspended in March, April, and May – putting a stop to adoption revenue. The grant funding from PetSmart Charities of Canada has made it possible to continue spaying and neutering shelter pets.

While navigating challenges from the pandemic, the Nova Scotia SPCA is heading into its busiest season and already seeing an influx of homeless animals with difficult medical needs.