OPINION Piece: Climate action and affordability go hand in hand

Cheap, clean, renewable energy is the key to a better future said Charlotte Mendel in this opinion piece. (Pexels.com photo)

The following is an opinion piece submitted to The Laker News by Charlotte Mendel of Enfield.

In 2024, Alberta and Ontario need to stop blocking the transition to renewable energy.

Last summer, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith made the outrageous decision to put a moratorium on renewable energy.

In doing so, she sharply undercut the extremely successful clean energy sector in the province by putting into question the fate of over 100 projects collectively worth $33 billion and 2,400 jobs.

What’s worse, she went on to spend over $8 million on a misinformation campaign against the federal government’s draft Clean Electricity Regulations.

Renewable energy is the cheapest, fastest-growing electricity source globally.

By fighting the renewable energy transition, conservative politicians like Danielle Smith and Ontario Premier Doug Ford are withholding cheap electricity from people across the country struggling to pay their bills.

This is unacceptable.

Cheap, clean, renewable energy is the key to a better future. And it’s about time our politicians delivered the policies we need to accelerate the energy transition.

– Charlotte Mendel, Enfield