PC candidate MacDonald: “East Hants isn’t a black hole.”

Hants East PC candidate John A. MacDonald (Dagley Media photo)

ELMSDALE: The PC candidate for Hants East says residents have to remind government in Halifax they’re not a “black hole” and that they exist, especially with regards to a pair of schools that need to be replaced.

During a campaign stop with PC Leader Tim Houston, who is eyeing becoming the next Premier on Aug. 17 when N.S. goes to the polls, candidate John MacDonald was asked about other concerns he’s hearing during his door knocking throughout the community.

Besides healthcare, education and schools were the next topic he’s heard about often.

“We’ve got a school in Hants North that’s got to be replaced. We’ve got a school in Hants East that needs some stuff,” said MacDonald. “The schools are over 60 years old, which is older than me.

“We’ve had schools that are 35, 40 years old under the previous government that were replaced, but no money in Hants East.”

Video interview with Hants East PC candidate John A. MacDonald. (Dagley Media video)

He said the days of the school needs in Hants East being forgotten need to come to an end. That the schools here matter too.

“We’ve got to remind them that East Hants still exists,” said MacDonald. “We’re not a black hole that you go through to get to Halifax, Truro, Cape Breton.

“When I’m elected, I’m going to make sure they remember Hants East is still here and we’re growing up.”

He said a combined school for both areas in a central location wouldn’t be logistically possible.

“It’s a 45-minute drive in my car between the two,” said MacDonald. “You cannot just create a super school that’s going to deal with Hants East.

“We’re going to talk to the educators. We’re going to talk to those experts and ask them what they need and how can we make it happen.”