Hants East NDP candidate Abby Cameron stands with NDP Leader Gary Burrill. (Healey photo)

ELMSDALE/FALL RIVER/MILFORD: The N.S. NDP leader, the Premier of N.S. and the PC leader all say their teams are ensuring they stay healthy during the campaign that sees them zig zgging across the province aboard their buses visiting the ridings.

As he boarded the bus in Fall River to head to Enfield for a stop with Hants East Liberal candidate Michael Blois, Premier Iain Rankin had a one-on-one interview with The Laker News.

One of the questions we were curious about was with all the travel involved, and eating healthy/properly key, how was he ensuring he did that.

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As Premier Rankin spoke, he joked he had hoped we didn’t see the bag from McDonald’s nearby where we were seated at the back of the bus.

“We have bananas on the bus,” said Rankin. “We have lots of fruit that we can grab and eat. Sometimes it can be challenging.”

He spoke of how at some local stops, they happened to be markets so they could stock up or grab some fruits and healthy food there.

“We’ve also been able to visit a lot of local stores, markets that sell local produce,” he said. “And that’s been really helpful.”

Premier Iain Rankin and Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank Liberal candidate Marni Tuttle walk towards the LWF Hall. (Healey photo)

At The Full Nelson in Milford on Aug. 6 with Hants East Candidate Abby Cameron, Burrill was asked the same question.

“I make a point of taking a walk of at least 45 minutes every day, even if I have to do that pretty late in the day and I find that the practice has served me pretty well,” he said.

Asked if the Burrill mobile had any fruits or vegetables to keep him eating healthy, he said there was.

“I try to be pretty careful about that,” said Burrill. “But in particular I find when, when it’s a question of stamina. If you’re walking every day, it’s pretty hard to beat.”

In a stop in Elmsdale with candidate John A. MacDonald, PC Leader Tim Houston talked about the logistics involved and how one has to focus on their own mental health during a campaign of this nature. Oh, and there are a lot of healthy foods on the bus for him and his team as well.

N.S. PC Leader Tim Houston listens to a question from The Laker News during a stop in Elmsdale. (Dagley Media photo)

“You have to focus on your own health, your own mental health, and be supported by a team that has that in mind as well,” he said. “But this is a beautiful province. This is an absolute pleasure.

“It’s an honor to be able to travel to this province and listen to Nova Scotia about what is possible for this province.”