PHOTOS: Showcasing skills at City of Lakes ringette tournament

The ring flies towards the net.

DARTMOUTH: Lots of smiles were on display during weekend of play at the City of Lakes Ringette Tournament, hosted by Harbour City Lakers Ringette.

At the game we took in at the RBC Centre in Dartmouth Crossing, between Nova Central Ringette U-14 and HC Lakers U-14, despite the outcome at the end of the game there appeared to be happy faces from the girls hanging with their friends and playing the sport they love.

The Lakers have a couple of Waverley area players on their roster, and Nova Central has Sackville, Fall River and Beaver Bank area players.

The ring is kept away from a defender on NC by a Lakers player. (Healey photo)


The Lakers, a strong team, won the game, but Nova Central held them close for a period plus before the offence turned on for the Lakers, who is coached by Dorothy Hart of Waverley.

At the end of the game, it was an 8-2 final score, but that didn’t seem to matter as you could see smiles on the NC Ringette players all out having fun–and getting exercise.

JJ Gagnon in green tries to get possession of the ring from a HCL player. (Healey photo)

In this game there were many business sponsor bars on the jersey of players.

It was nice to see businesses like Waverley Animal Hospital, us at The Laker News, Motion Dance Centre, Rust Check, Dental Corp (on no 12 of HC Lakers), Stuart & Davidson Orthodontics, and more. Those are just a few of the sponsor bars seen on the jerseys of players with HCL and NC in this game.

It was nice to see so many sponsor bars on jerseys of players on either team. (Healey photo)

The Lakers made the championship final on Jan. 22. An update on the final has not been provided yet.

Here are some game action photos we took while we were there taking in this round robin game:

A player eyes the play.
A defender gets the ring going up her stick.
Nova Central celebrates a goal. (Healey photo)

An HCL comes in on a breakaway. (Healey photo)
A HCL player grabs the ring as another player falls following a bump into a NC player.
A NC Ringette player eyes the net for a shot.

The NC Ringette U-14 girls do a goal train after scoring their first goal against HCL. (Healey photo)
A HCL player gets free in front of the goal.
An NC Player tries to find an open teammate for an offensive chance. (Healey photo)
An HCL player escapes an attempt at a takeaway. (Healey photo)