Lockview students learn lots about firefighting

during 10-week coop placement

MAIN PHOTO: Jack Meisner and Fiona Day work on cutting the car apart at Elmsdale fire with assistance from Enfield firefighters. (Dagley Media photo)

ELMSDALE: A young Wellington woman is helping younger girls see they too can do things that may have been impossible in the past.

Fiona Day, a Lockview High student, was one of two students who did their coop placement with Enfield Fire over the past 10 weeks.

Fiona was the first female to do the firefighting training as their coop placement in the three year partnership between LHS and Enfield fire.

Jack Meisner was the other student who trained alongside Fiona during the past 10 weeks.

Both students said they learned a lot, and wanted to give it a try because firefighting runs in the family. Their dads are career firefighters.


Jack and Fiona said besides learning a lot about firefighting, a career they both hope to call as a job if the dominoes fall correctly, they enjoyed one aspect of it.

“We loved tearing the cars apart,” said Jack.

With Fiona being the first female, everyone agreed that helps younger girls see they to can be firefighters.

In essence, Fiona is being a role model for them.

“It shows the younger girls that you can be anything,” said Fiona. “That’s my goal. To be a role model for them.”


Here is our video story from the last day of the coop training at the training facility behind Elmsdale Volunteer Fire.

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Video shot by Dagley Media

Fiona Day is interviewed. (Dagley media photo)


(Dagley Media photo)
Jack Meisner talks to Pat. (Dagley Media photo)
(Dagley Media photo)


Jeff Goodwin speaks about the two students. (Dagley Media photo)
Working at cutting the door from the car. (Dagley Media photo)
Jeff Goodwin watches closely one of the students. (Dagley Media photo)