PHOTOS: West Kings wins HERH-hosted Sweetheart tournament

Victoria Mumford, no. 10 HERH, makes an offensive drive towards the Amherst basket during Sweetheart basketball game action on Feb. 11. (Healey photo)

MILFORD: The skills of girl basketball players were on display from across the province as teams converged on Hants East Rural High on Feb. 11 for the annual Sweetheart Girls Basketball Tournament.

The tournament saw teams from host HERH; Amherst Regional High; Sackville-based Millwood High; West Kings; and Northumberland Nighthawks hit the court at the Milford school.

For HERH, they opened the tournament with a narrow four point win 51-47 over Northumberland.

Top scorers in the opener for the tournament were Victoria Mumford, Jane Gatto, and Cory Hopewell all with 10 points apiece.


Victoria Mumford (no 10) tries to make a pass without getting called for a travel. (Healey photo)

Against the Amherst Vikings, the Tigers—who appeared to be short on the bench–couldn’t hold onto a 23-17 halftime lead and fell 50-42  to the visitors.

Hants East was led on the scoresheet by Victoria Mumford with 16 points – four three-point shots.

Also contributing in the loss Taylor Boyd with eight points and Maggie Robson with five points.

PIC 13

Sierra Foley, no 6, plays defence. (Healey photo)


West Kings defeated Amherst in the championship game to take home the 2023 HERH Sweetheart tournament banner.

Taylor Boyd, no. 11, tries to be ready to react to whichever way the Amherst player goes with the ball.HERH players no 8 Maggie Robson and no 2 Jane Gratto are also pictured. (Healey photo)
Amherst player Manon Dernier no 3 turns to watch her player as HERH gets an offence play started. (Healey photo)
(Healey photo)

Maggie Robson, no. 8 from HERH, heads to the net. (Healey photo)
Sierra Foley heads up the court. (Healey photo)
An HERH player loses control of the ball at the out of bounds line. (Healey photo)

An HERH players shoots the ball to get two points. (Healey photo)
Victoria Mumford keeps control of the ball as she passes an Amherst player. (Healey photo)


An HERH player drives fast to the Amherst basket. (Healey photo)
Victoria Mumford, no. 10, keeps the ball away from an Amherst player as she picks up steam heading to the net. (Healey photo)
Taylor Boyd fires a shot at the basket and it was good. (Healey photo)