Police respond to Proof of Vaccination refusal complaint

(File photo)

KENNETCOOK: RCMP are reminding the public that merchants and businesses are required to uphold public health protocols after an incident in Kennetcook on Oct. 4.

East Hants RCMP S/Sgt. Cory Bushell said police were called about a local man who would not provide Proof of Vaccination while sitting inside an eating establishment.

“The customer was being intimidating about vaccine passport,” said S/Sgt. Bushell.


The man had left prior to police arrival on scene.

S/Sgt. Bushell said residents are reminded public health protocols are in place to enhance personal and public safety.

“Police will not tolerate illegal acts by groups or individuals attempting to force a business to be non-compliant,” he said.

Oct. 4 was the first day where Nova Scotians were required to show Proof of Vaccination for a variety of services, including eating in at restaurants.