Premier says government ready to do more on COVID19 rule breakers

Premier Iain Rankin said the province has options if a $2,000 fine isn;t a deterrent to those flaunting the Health Measures Act. (Communications N.S. photo)

FALL RIVER: The province of Nova Scotia is ready to crack down more on those who flout the Public Health Measures, but they would rather not, the Premier said on April 26.

During the question period from reporters, The Laker News asked Premier Iain Rankin if they determined the increase in fines from $1,000 to $2,000 for a first offence wasn’t working, what options existed for the province to do more against those rule breakers who didn’t follow the guidelines.

Premier Rankin answered they wish to focus more on a collective effort of good will among residents to follow the guidelines, for the betterment of all.

“We’re trying to be somewhat reasonable with the fine amount but doubling it we thought would send a strong message to those we know were flaunting the rules as if it didn’t matter to them,” said Rankin on April 27.

Video from the April 26 COVID19 briefing. Premier Rankin’s response at 0:40. Video edited by Dagley Media.

“We don’t want to focus as much on enforcement as we do the collective that we all can play are part. I think most Nova Scotians are doing that.”

He said the province felt they needed to have stronger consequences.

“We felt we needed a bit more of stronger of a deterrent,” he said. “If we need to increase it again, we will, but we will see how this goes so far.”